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Overland Park, Kansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Adult Contemporary





ell us all about Zo The Jerk!

My name is Zothejerk and Im the voice of a struggling people. I’m the voice of the fathers, the mothers, the kids, the elders, the disenfranchised and oppressed. I give freedom a voice. Wake up and reclaim your freedom, no matter how small and insignificant just do something! Don’t just survive live!

Tell us about your business and what you hope to see happen with your business in the future.

The Jerk Nation is the platform that allows me to be the voice of the disenfranchised struggling people of America. Our mission is simple… To inspire and wake up the sleeping giant that is the masses. We will succeed and grow at a rapid pace fore their are more of us tired oppressed and angry than than we realize. Coming together and yelling as one makes us unstoppable we at The Jerk Nation are just the catalyst.

What do you want people to hear when listening to your music?

I want people to hear the struggle and frustration in my voice. I want people to see our ancestors plight and the tears of the mothers who lost kids in these streets. I want people to see the countless black men murdered and all the fatherless homes in our community. Most importantly I want people to see and feel HOPE! I am to be the light that guides them to a better tomorrow. I want to be that spark that ignites the fire within everybody my music touches. I want to be that optimistic voice that sheds positivity in a hopeless situation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be leading a political party by the people for the people. The Jerk Nation will be #1 in entertainment and inspiration. I will have reached my personal aspirations of success financially and politically.

There are a lot of artists nationwide just trying to get the right plug into the biz. What advice would you give artists in this position?

You don’t need a plug! Concentrate on doing you and the “plug” will come to you. You are the power it was never with the “industry” it’s always been with the people. GOD gave you everything you need to succeed when he gave you the idea. Stop with the excuses and make it happen!

Are you working on any major projects right now?

The project I am currently working is “LiVE The Reality Show” due in January! It’s concept piece designed to inspire and educate. I hope by exposing our truths we can overcome our short comings and dethrone our oppressive behavior. I think it’s a piece that will evoke much needed dialog about issues we tend to pretend don’t exist.


I’d like to shout out everybody reading this who is tired and demands more! It’s our time!

Where can people find you/your music?

TheJerkNation.com after all “It’s Where We Live” - irepmedia.com


Phenomenal Hip-Hop artist, ZotheJerk of The Jerk Nation, releases an intoxicating single, "Top Ten," off the "Live" CD. As soon as you hear the first few beats you will be drawn into the magnetic pulsating grooves of this delectable song. The hypnotic vocals flow with easy rhyming prowess as the rocking rhythm moves with captivating style. The lyrics of this single are straightforward and this artist holds nothing back as he speaks right from the heart. This is one song to turn up the sub-woofer with its charismatic grooves, dynamic instrumentation, and rhythmic beats. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop music then you will definitely want to hear the infectious single, "Top Ten." This is one single that will have you groovin' on the dance floor in no time. Parental Advisory - RadioIndy.com

"Whats Right About Hip Hop"

Last but not least, I want to shout out ZotheJerk who followed advice I gave him regarding an MC’s social responsibility, and recorded “School Clothes”, a hard-hitting song about the nation’s educational crisis. Artists like ZotheJerk as well as those mentioned in this article remind us that new rap music with substance is alive and well…something I need to remember when I go into my endless rants about the sad state of today’s rap music. - RapRehab.com

"Rhythm Rave Radio"

WRRR Indie Artist Video Pick: Zo the Jerk- School Clothes - Rhythm Rave Radio


I am with ZoTheJerk, whats up?

Im blessed man enjoying life right now!

Nice!, Zo you got to tell me how did you come up with that name?

The name zothejerk came from my real name (Alonzo) and the beauty in being honest (TheJerk) lol

Woman have been telling me a am a jerk for most my life, were they trying to tell me I was a bad ass rapper?

Lol! idk maybe your wit was more advanced


Well, maybe not… why don’t you tell everyone where your from?

Im from Detroit, MI born and raised then relocated to Overland Park Kansas

Most people don’t connect hip hop artists to Kansas. How do you help people make that connection?

Hip Hop is now pop culture.., I dont think its to many places u can go without being able to hear hip hop. My love for the culture and music allows me to transcend genres, bringnig that Detroit feel to Kansas

Is it harder to get taken seriously not being from one of the major cities?

Its like my granny told me “u teach people how to deal with you”. My music is a pure and honest depiction of myself so its easy for me to stand behind it. I show fearless pure and love and its returned. Its a true blessing. Doesnt matter where my journey takes me that pure will always come back its karma working for good

Do you feel like you need to work harder because of where your from?

Dont get me wrong, Tech N9ne, Rich the factor and other notable artists from KC are the staple here. i work hard to just tell my story and add to the culture. Its a beautiful movement in KC and im blessed to be apart of it

Have you had the chance to work with the more well known KC artists?

Not quite yet but i am working on it. My primary objective right now is brand awareness… I just want people to know im here and give them a chance to experience Detroit Hip Hop. I think it will happen sooner than later.

Lets shift gears a sec, what do you think about your new football coach Andy Reed?

Im not a football fan man lol I dont even know who that is lol I kno I kno…

Damn, Interview over.. LOL!


What are you into away from music?

Theology and helping people realize happiness

For people who have never heard you before why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about what you have released and a bit about your rap style?

Right now we are finishing up my new album “LIVE The Reality Show” its a depiction into the transition from emotional darkness into light. As minorities we are taught to survive and not to LIVE, my aim with this project is to show that transition from just surviving life to actually living it. My sound is a thrilling thought provoking roller coaster ride of sheer delight with a splash of vodka lol!

Have you been able to play live?

I perform all the time at various venues between KC, Chicago, and Tulsa Oklahoma, and of course Detroit

Do you have a venue you like to play more?

I’m not partial but theres nothing like performing in at home in Detroit just the love is awesome

Your a pretty serious artist, do you have a writing process you use to write songs?

Good music, cold water with 3 olives in it, my iphone notepad and im good ill just zone completely out

Who are some artists who have influenced you to write and make music like you do?

Thats a loaded question lol more like who hasnt influenced me… Um I listen to every genre but I like Eminem, Shawn Reach, Hashous Clay, Tech N9ne, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, R&B alot. So many, the Motown Sound is always a fav.

Miley Cirus lol!

Now something we can talk about, so when was the last time you twerked?

I #DIED lmao!


I have not had a good Twerk in forever lmao!

So I got to ask, what did you think of the Miley Twerk job on the VMA’s last week?

It was pretty ratchett but if thats who she is it is what it is

I like that answer, why do you think so many people wanted to hate on her?

Misery loves company, let her be young and wild and find herself

I means seriously, its all art and music right? Who cares what people think.

These yamps twerking for free at least she got paid and had media coverage

Plus, I am sure she sold a ton of cd’s Monday

Right good business

Now, if you knew you could sell 50,000 cd’s in a day would you do the Jerk-Twerk?

Lol! My twerking cant be sold.., I think im allergic to partcipating but I embrace watching it


I am copywriting that just in case you decide to start dancing.. lol!


You mentioned playing in different states and cities, do you see a difference between Detroit crowds and the ones you play to in Kansas or Oklahoma?


Oklahoma is a friendly place they show love. So does KC. Chicago and Detroit are definitley more critical

Do you think that has something to do with the availability of artists, in that the major cities have access to bigger artists and a lot more talent?

Not sure maybe… that sounds logical, maybe the larger markets are spoiled lol

But when the music is pure its all love man this is a new golden era in hip hop

It seems like hip hop has really found a home in mid-America.

We been here tho.., we fought for the position we are getting just to express ourselves and have a voice, its a blessing to be apart of history

I see the mid western hip hop fans having a real passion that the cities don’t have.

Maybe its the hunger, that drive that makes us never quit

Theres also a real underground movement as well.

Yes its exciting! so many talented artist so much diversity its awesome sauce

What are the future plans for ZoTheJerk and Jerk Nation?

To create art that will reach people and bring them together.., to teach and entertain a wide spectrum of people and hopefully spread blessings and happiness!

Any recording plans in the future?

Just finishing the “LIVE” album and working on the short film “LIVE”

Oh and the new single “JERK-TWERK”

I’m suing you! What can I get?

5 percent publishing off the single lmao

I want it all! LOL!

It’s hard out here work with me

Ok, but you got to get all your jerk-fans to like Soundcrave Magazine on Facebook.

I will definitley do that! Its the home of the “JERK-TWERK”


Dude, I see it now.. mass marketing. We can re-name hamburgers, titty bars, songs.. were going to be rich, I mean I’m going to be rich!



I am stealing that one also


Well before we get out of here, tell us a little about the “LIVE” video your making.

The first video from the Live Project is Hunting Money. “Hunting Money” is the aggressive, high energy, party anthem that’s also the lead single off upcoming album “LiVE”. “Hunting Money” finds me hunting the one thing we all have in common… MONEY!

Ok Zo, Let everyone know what music you have out there and where the new members of the jerk nation can pick up some music.

Right we are working the songs “Hunting Money” and Top Ten” building steam for the album release. You can find us at TheJerkNation.com

I’d like to thank u for taking the time to interview with me! I appreciate the blessing Keith

You are always welcome, seriously… jerk-twerk, now only if you can hook up with Miley!

Later, Zo! - Soundcravemagazine.com


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