Zouti is one of the hottest Afro-Caribbean Konpa band in the Haitian Music industry at the moment. The debut album entitled "Nou Pa PE" has stirred up quite a buzz on the international airwaves following its release. Zouti provides a mix of hardcore konpa and R&B


January 17 2006, In the State of NY , a group of young talented musicians Brought to the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) a new band called "Zouti", With goals to please the Kompa lovers, all over the world.
As tool to escalate and promote The Haitian Culture, just like the name of the band translate it "Zouti" will utilize Kompa, one of the Haitian rhythmic to promote their culture through its unique style of Kompa music they play wherever the band has a chance to perform. Fast or Slow Tempo, Zouti will try to delectate and entertain everyone.


Zouti first CD contain a diversified lyrics which translate; our Frustration: "Nou Pa Pe, Wou Ki Fel" our concern for the Country "Haiti" Our feelings "Avew, Depart, Ayana, Wale" Our appreciation" Fanatik Yo" and more. The right tools to optimize your kompa CD collection and to get you groove on.

Set List

Ave'w 0:05:33
Ayana 0:04:49
Depart 0:05:04
Fanatik yo 0:05:26
Li pa Normal 0:05:43
Nou Pa Pe 0:04:54
VIP 0:04:58
vwazen 0:06:39
Wale 0:05:26
Why me 0:05:13
Wou ki Fel 0:02:03