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"Zoux write-up in "The Noise""

"This is a powerful pop triumph combining stylish songwriting, great lyrics, super harmonies, big production, and lots of ear candy. Zoux has all the great pop song masters rolled up in this brlliant disc. Lovers of Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Jellyfish, McCartney, Afghan Whigs, The Who, The Pills, Gigolo Aunts, The Beatles...etc. should absolutely own this disc. I'm so glad i do." - Joel Simches, THE NOISE - The Noise

"Zoux write-up on "Melodic.Net""

"Holy freakin' moses! What an independent album I foundin this hidden treasure. This is a damn good modern powerpop treasure somewhere between Bens Folds Five, Jellyfish, Owsely, Squeeze and The Shazam. Great vocals and a very nice groovy modern powerpop production. Geeeh.... this is DAMN good to be honest. Second out "Why Ask Why" is one helluva tune and the Ben Folds-esque "Nothing So Ordinary" is another great tune for sure. Nahh there are tons more good tunes. In the highest league of indie-albums I've heard in a long time, Yepp - big words, everyone one of 'em is true!" - Par Winberg www.melodic.net - Melodic.net

"Zoux write-up in "Boston Globe""

"Anyone who tells you craftsmanship is dead in pop music hasnt been listening to Zoux, whose carefully constructed R&B inspired songs whip up whirlwind of interesting sounds and heartfelt emotions." - David Wildman, THE BOSTON GLOBE - The Boston Globe

"Write-up in Street Beat (NY Rock)"

"This lad who honed his keyboard skills at Berklee, has unleashed a big lush, pop disc, a mix of glam-influenced rock and pop that explodes out of the speakers...you have a shimmering display of well-crafted pop tunes, energetic, and full of life." - Bill Ribas STREET BEAT, NYRock - Street Beat

"Write-up in "Metronome Magazine""

"Zoux lays down a bustling collection of memorable songs that rock with fierce intensity...An astounding effort from a talented guy that I am sure we'll be hearing a lot more from." - METRONOME MAGAZINE - Metronome Magazine


ZOUX - VOLUME 1 (2004)



Fronting a rock and roll band from behind the ivory keys is not a new sentiment. Not when you consider some great pop musicians such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Donnie Hathaway. These superb entertainers have given us years of great music and some of the top records of all time.

"One of the earliest musical inspirations I can remember was the music of the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. I wasted no time learning how to put a record on my parents' stereo system. At the age of five, I used to play these two records over and over, staring at the cool collage of strange characters and the crazy orange psychedelic artwork. The songs on those albums just seemed to resonate from inside. They sounded bigger than life! A few years later my family moved back to the United States after living in Paris, France for 4 years. My parents dutifully hauled me off to a local mall to buy some new clothes for school. While in the mall, I recognized a sound coming from behind what seemed like an enormous piece of furniture or something off of the Millennium Falcon! It was those same songs I had played thousands of times at home on my parents' record player. I was mesmerized! I stood next to this man, captivated, while he created the biggest sounds my virgin ears had ever heard. An hour later, my Dad purchased my first instrument, a used Wurlitzer organ."

Zoux spent his formative teenage years in the decade of glam rock and synthesized pop. You could find him playing in bands emulating everything from Van Halen, Journey or The Police.

"At one point, I had my ripped jeans, long hair, and high tops. I remember spending a summer in Brooklyn staying with friends who were several years older. They were trying to get me to listen to Elvis Costello and Squeeze, but I was stubbornly convinced Twisted Sister and Whitesnake were where it was at. It was when they dragged me to see Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles tour that it all really hit home for me. I was taken by the songs, the musicians, the lyrics and the screaming girls! I decided, ‘I'm going to do this'."

Next came Boston and music studies at Berklee College of Music. Zoux experimented with the college recording studios, making demos of songs written together with friends.

"I learned a lot during those four years. One of my instructors had worked with Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, and Sly and the Family Stone. He turned me on to some of the great groove bands of the sixties and seventies. Taking his advice, I found a job at a local recording studio."

The studio owner happened to be Billy Joel's long time lead guitarist, David Brown.

"It was quite a thrill working with Dave. He taught me so much about the music world, about
professionalism, and making records. He had shared the stage with some of the great songwriters of our time: Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Paul McCartney. It was through Dave's encouragement and guidance that I developed my skills as a record producer and musician. I worked with many, many amazing musicians during that period."

Zoux currently devotes his time between writing/producing/performing material for his band as well as producing tracks for other artists.

"Having the opportunity to work with so many different artists keeps me inspired. It's exciting to work with musicians and bands who are passionate about their craft. I carry a little piece of something with me from each and every project I work on. These pieces end up getting filtered into my own work. Sometimes it's as simple as being turned on to a band or record I've never heard before."

The new CD, due out in the Spring of 2009, features a culmination of all of the amazing soul music from the last 40 years.
“Music has brought so much joy and inspiration to my life since those young days in Paris. We recorded 27 new songs for this new record. We now have the impossible task of choosing 10! The only rule we had while tracking was that every track had to groove and make you shake your ass.”
“The same awe that inspired a seven year old boy to make music still drives me every time I take the stage. I want the audience to feel the rush of a great Rock n' Roll/Soul show. I have amazing musicians joining me. These guys have a passion for music and enjoy making noise as much as I do. It's an old school approach: great songs, talented musicians, and a whole lotta volume."