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"Zsa+Claire Rock"

Singapore alt rock duo Zsa & Claire kick up their favorite tunes every Friday & Saturday night at The Rock Bar, Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa.

Formed in December 2006 after an impromptu jam, Zsa Zsa Scorpion plays guitar and Claire Goh on violin, fusing both in beautiful instrumental rhythm while sharing vocals depending on the song.

Influenced by the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead and Ani Di Franco, these artistes have broken the mould on what to expect from local musicians in Singapore.

- Casino Resort Living

"Look, Who's That Playing?"

Of course, musical gems aren't restricted to just veteran stalwarts of the scene. At Crossroads Cafe at the Marriott, patrons get to listen to an eclectic selection by fresh duo, Zsa and Claire.
They not only perform an interesting range of music - from familiar standards like American Pie to songs that you don't normally hear in hotels (Placebo's Every Me Every You, Bob Dylan's Tambourine Man, Red Hot Chili Pepper's Otherside).
Their act is also unique, Zsa Zsa Scorpion, 22, daughter of veteran Chinese pop singer William Scorpion plays guitar and sings, while Claire Goh, 20, is a classically-trained violinist and sings, too. While they're fairly new to the live circuit (they only started performing regularly at Crossroads in July), they certainly know what it takes to get it right.
I'm not going to hard-sell us, but i think we're probably the only combination of violin/guitar and harmony around," said Scorpion. "We're also convenient - you can take almost any bus or the MRT to get here." - Today Newspaper, Singapore

"Act Two"

"When I decided to put school on hold to focus on music, my mum said, 'See! Told you to just do music from the beginning."
I felt both amazed and envious when Claire told me about her mother's stance on a choice that would have her sent other mothers into a fit.
Zsa's parents are just as encouraging. How often do you come across parents in Singapore who will be this supportive of their kids when they choose to do something like music for a career? And i don't mean with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

The new additions to the live music scene along Orchard Road certainly make an impression on those who pass by the Marriott's Crossroads Cafe. With a good blend of covers and remixes delivered with good vocals, they make it worth stopping to take a listen even if you're just walking past the area. It's hard to believe both Zsa and Claire are in their very early 20s. The two girls possess a certain old soul in the way they play their music and carry themselves. Even though only live music has been their main job since they left school, which would explain their calmness on stage, I still wonder about the kind of TV kids are watching these days.
The man behind Zsa and Claire's performances, Kelvin Lin, who previously managed bands like Speedway, Heritage and Tania, tells me he stumbled upon the two artists while they were performing at a venue in Clarke Quay.
"The place had horrible acoustics but through all the static I could hear instruments and voices that made me want to stop and find out where they coming from. There is much talent in Singapore, but what separates good performers from great ones is the passion and spirit they put into their music."

Fortunately, the girls no longer have to settle for lousy acoustics as Kelvin has seen to it that the Crossroads Cafe put in a stage and audio system that is tailored for them.
Every song they take on is given their own individual feel and style. Zsa's acoustic guitar and Claire's violin work compliment both their vocals neatly and give listeners a fresh spin on live music. Think a mix of Rachel Yamagata and Frente with a tinge of Lisa Hannigan. Now i may be biased because they play a selection that is similar to my own personal playlist that ranges from Bob Marley to Stereophonics to Don Mclean, but then again, I've also heard many bands botch up perfectly simple songs by trying too hard.
Although they've only started playing at the Crossroads Cafe in July, they have already garnered a pool of regulars who come religiously each night to catch their performances These girls have fans. Though, one question comes to mind: do you call them groupies when they're older than the performers themselves?
- August Man Magazine, Singapore

"They Sing for Their Supper"

IN the heart of Orchard Road, a singing guitarist-violinist female duo have been stopping shoppers in their tracks with their catchy tunes since their debut in July. Going by the stage name 'Zsa and Claire', Ms Zsa Zsa Scorpion, 22, and Ms Claire Goh, 20, perform at Crossroads Cafe, the alfresco restaurant and bar at Marriott Hotel, from evenings till past midnight.

Unlike most of their peers who are either studying for exams, clubbing or dating, these single girls have readily decided to 'forgo their social lives' and spend their time working, in the hopes of carving out a music career for themselves.

Zsa and Claire had stopped their studies - not because they were academically inadequate - but because of their love of music.

Click here to find out more!Claire, who picked up the violin at the age of 7, quit her mass communications course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic this year. She hopes to take up violin studies in future.

Zsa, a self-taught guitarist, withdrew from her bio-medical sciences course at Temasek Polytechnic last year to pursue her love for music. She was studying to become a vet.

Both left while they were in their second year at school.

One of the duo's biggest fans is Zsa's best friend, Tiffany Choo, 22, who goes to Crossroads Cafe whenever she has the time to support them.

The full-time architecture undergrad at National University of Singapore said: 'I live my musical dream through Zsa. We used to sing together back in school, but she was the one who went ahead and really did it.'

Both Claire and Zsa have moved out of their family homes for a taste of independence.
Claire Goh and Zsa Zsa Scorpion perform at the Crossroads Cafe in Orchard Road.

They rent HDB flats a few blocks away from each other in Commonwealth and manage their rent with the income they earn from gigs.

And it's not difficult to immediately associate Zsa with veteran Mandopop singer William Scorpion when she tells you her full name.

Both father and daughter wear full-sleeved tattoos, and performing obviously runs in their blood.

Zsa said that her father is the person she admires most, and she has the utmost respect for his craft.

The vivacious 47-year-old resident of St James Power Station's Dragonfly told The New Paper that he was shocked when Zsa dropped the bomb about quitting school.

William said: 'Like any parent, I was a little shocked at first as she was always doing well academically.

'But I support her as a musician now as I know it is in music where her passion truly lies.'

When asked if he had a hand in helping Zsa with her music career, William said: 'Zsa and I specialise in very different genres of music.

'Actually, they (Zsa and his son) are the ones who help me more when it comes to things like diction for English songs.'

Claire - who changes her hair colour according to her moods (her current hue is blonde) - is the daughter of a reverend and an accountant.

Her mother, Mrs Goh Soo Kwan, 55, said: 'I'm happy she's put her musical talents to good use... It's not an easy thing to be a musician in Singapore, so we just pray it'll be a successful career for Claire.'

No regrets

Both girls are aware that the local music scene is unstable and volatile, but do not regret treading down this path.

They were first discovered by Mr Kelvin Lin, president of audio architects firm Linasia, when they were singing at a club in Clarke Quay last December. He offered to manage their careers indefinitely.

The 55-year-old described the girls as 'enigmatic' and said they shared an 'uncanny sibling synergy'.

Claire, the chattier of the two, said that often, they would find each other thinking the same thoughts at the same time, such as suggesting the same tracks to sing impromptu while on stage.

The duo first met through mutual friends in 2006 and started jamming together ever since. And while Claire listens to house and trance music, Zsa prefers jazz.

Unique interpretation

Claire described their own brand of music as 'urban contemporary interpretation', putting their spin on tracks such as Hotel California by The Eagles and One Of Us by Joan Osbourne.

After undergoing Mr Lin's six-month grooming programme which honed their image, personal style and stage presence, the girls landed an exclusive contract with Crossroads Cafe, which has never housed any live entertainment before.

They perform from Monday to Saturday, 9.45pm to 1am.

Mr Lin said he intended for Zsa and Claire to perform at a prominent place, and Crossroads Cafe was ideal because of the heavy human traffic.

Since it opened in 1995, the venue has been a popular haunt for expatriates.

When asked what was the most generous tip they received from a patron, Zsa maintained that it was always 'the things people said' and not the material things that warmed her heart.

But they also enjoy receiving hand-written compliments from appreciative audience members.

Mr Michael Tanaka, a 36-year-old businessman, said he goes to Marriott Hotel 'just to watch the girls' whenever he is in Singapore for work.

He said: 'I enjoy this interesting combination act of a guitarist and a violinist. It is not something you find every day.'

This article was first published in The New Paper on Sept 3, 2008.
- The New Paper, Singapore


"Paul" - Recorded July, 2010



on the most unassuming of days, the one with the tattoos was, with much trepidation (and clearly they were desperate), asked to replace a band at the bar round the corner. green as day old grass, and all odds against, it was a grand success. then the blond one decided to join in the party, and they discovered a sound, and a new job.

4 years in and they have performed in some of the most prominent venues in Singapore, and made a name for themselves in the local music circuit. They're currently working on their first studio album.

it's like Kerry King with a stuffed bunny, or Joni Mitchell with an Uzi. these two are unpredictable. you think you'd know the outcome of two rebel rockers gone wild, and you'd be so wrong.

zsa zsa scorpion.
Commonly known as just “Zsa”, the guitar wielding half of the band grew up surrounded by music. Her school bag was her guitar case, and she got turned down at the choir audition. Her distinguishing smoky vocals and soulful intonation makes her easy to identify.

claire goh.
Classicaly trained in the violin since the age of 7, she somehow lost her way to the orchestra. An avid fan of trance and trip hop, these influences are piercingly evident in her signature style of haunting and ceaselessly fluid melodies.