Zsa and Claire formed by sheer accident in 2006. Since then, they’ve been making a pretty sound, meshing rough and polished together. Their trademark is the minimalistic approach of rhythmic instrumentation, spoken for by seamless vocal harmonies. They're folk but not quite, pop but scarier, and honest always. Delivered with simple intensity, their music is intimate and quirkily authentic.


on the most unassuming of days, the one with the tattoos was, with much trepidation (and clearly they were desperate), asked to replace a band at the bar round the corner. green as day old grass, and all odds against, it was a grand success. then the blond one decided to join in the party, and they discovered a sound, and a new job.

4 years in and they have performed in some of the most prominent venues in Singapore, and made a name for themselves in the local music circuit. They're currently working on their first studio album.

it's like Kerry King with a stuffed bunny, or Joni Mitchell with an Uzi. these two are unpredictable. you think you'd know the outcome of two rebel rockers gone wild, and you'd be so wrong.

zsa zsa scorpion.
Commonly known as just “Zsa”, the guitar wielding half of the band grew up surrounded by music. Her school bag was her guitar case, and she got turned down at the choir audition. Her distinguishing smoky vocals and soulful intonation makes her easy to identify.

claire goh.
Classicaly trained in the violin since the age of 7, she somehow lost her way to the orchestra. An avid fan of trance and trip hop, these influences are piercingly evident in her signature style of haunting and ceaselessly fluid melodies.



Written By: zsa zsa scorpion

threw a line in the dark
would you catch it if i lit a spark on the part of your sleep
where you can still hear me

i am part of the night, i am cupid and his jealous wives
as i hold your hand in the dark
and tell you we won't part

if i ever prayed at all
when i ever pray at all

is to wise men,
i want your formula of time
i want your guiding light on matters that never should happen
to anyone who's loved and payed a price

tell me you'll never leave
we never believed in the truth of forever
but say it for what it's worth,
a meaningless comfort to numb all the hurt

and we're so defiant of the things we can't change
and we're growing tired and paying with age
as we crawl through the madness where the night meets the day
and the day meets the night in some underhanded fight
as the crash on each other with the violence of light
and they're spilling their insides in rivulets of time

the darkness is falling on me
as i show you the lines you can't see in the madness,
just as sure as the pain that creeps in the night, stay
and we'll watch on these gods
degraded and violently spilling their insides,
in rivulets of time

time, we're gonna catch that time.

Therein Lies (Swing Low Sweet Chariot)

Written By: zsa zsa scorpion

taking in the scene, that shade of hospital green
wondering what on earth this all might mean
doors overhead opened wide and a doctor said,
"it's a boy, would you all like to see"
as they walked towards the man someone let of my hand
and i knew i'd lost my best friend
i knew i'd lost my best friend

i was crying for someplace else to go
for someone to carry me home

may you find what you seek and always turn the other cheek
said the teachers who taught me well
and the songs to save your soul, and the beauty of rock and roll
to take with you wherever you go
to take with you wherever you go

swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home
swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home

i once met a girl and she'd make me complete
and i'd love her with all that i know
then she'd break my heart and i'd leave her scars
ashamed that it finally showed,
that i was never really whole
i was never really whole

swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home
swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home

i searched myself, and i asked for help
and grace fell upon me like a stone
i found my friends and i made amends
and even a hand or two to hold
and comfort when the nights grew cold
but i never felt so alone
i never felt so alone

swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home
swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home

a frayed guitar in an empty bar
and a dream waiting to unfold
that someone else might be saved as well
by the songs that saved my soul

swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home
swing low sweet chariot
coming for to carry me home
coming for to carry me home
coming for to carry me home
coming for to carry me home

Same Devil

Written By: zsa zsa scorpion

they took down the houses where we used to live
and in the space of the playground and the sandbox they took my paradise and turned it into a parking lot
now the neighbours are getting so confused cuz all these people with the different skin
are walking in and taking up their spaces in the coffee places
can you imagine when we once had birds in these trees
phased out by a compilation CD in the interest of public health till they got phased out
by mp3

i don't wanna change
but it's all changing me
the more i fight i'm turning the corners to find what a joke
it's the same devil on the same side

he says,
hey there mister where you goin' why don't you stop a minute and talk to me about
equality and the freedom of speech and democracy and all the good things in between
cuz you look like a clever guy, with the paper under your arm and your car is causing
quite an alarm back there cuz it's taking up two parking spaces

then he says,
hello there my patriot friend and thank you for your confidence
this city loves a man like you so step right up and fill these shoes
to take us to a better place you see this paper see my face
take this badge and learn my name cuz i'll be coming round again
take a free t-shirt if you prefer, we gave out the pens in september
and if my promises don't keep you warm then take five dollars and god bless you sir
and god keep you sir

while i'm going blind, take this stone out my eye
till i see the divide to find it's the same devil on the same side

what's the difference anymore between the spenders and the whores
churches that could buy a mall, preaching in the movie halls
traffic rules to save your life but we're dying from the overprice
give me one good reason why i need a license for my own existence

is there something i'm missing,
i've pledged my allegiance

and the made me sign in black and white
and they made me sign it on my life
to fight a war for left or right
but it's the same devil, the same devil,
the same devil on the same side


Written By: zsa!

charlie, come and sit with me and
my friends they want to know who is bravery
but charlie only you will know what is false can be made real
until, until

and the dawn will take my pride all the things i'd done at night
will be dragged into the light and i will see
that when all my friends are gone and i'm lying here alone
that you left your calling card blood on my sleeve

charlie there's got to be a better way to be

i weighed in all my sorrow and kissed the wings of hope
they flew away into the dark
so for now may i borrow a glass of cynical
to build a wall around my heart

charlie, if i owe you a dime for every line i plagiarised and bastardised as my own
well you you know, i'm not really a poet
merely some poor actor treading water in the deep end of my soul

charlie, when you take your leave,
don't return to me, i falter all the time
when the charmer sings me down to sleep,
to wake in misery and leave me shaking in my skin
and i'm feeling like you are all i need to wash away the sin
your calling card, blood on my sleeve


"Paul" - Recorded July, 2010