Zsolt Kaltenecker

Zsolt Kaltenecker

BandJazzNew Age

I play my own compositions and improvisations on Clavitar, a virtual instrument programmed by me. I try to play as clear and special music as I can.


“In recent years, I've started to get really interested in the clavichord, harpsichord and guitar. I’ve really learned to like the sound of the plucked string, so I started experimenting on my Nord Modular G2X synthesizer that can handle so-called physical modelling with combining the features of these three instruments that appeal to me. After a long while, I was finally successful and I named the new tone or rather virtual instrument clavitar.
I had the right instrument then, but I still wasn’t quite satisfied with it, as I don’t really like the so-called equal tuning that is to be found worldwide in the 20th century. I don’t really want to go too deeply into the topic, but basically if the twelve tones are equally spaced apart, then there is no difference in character between the tonalities. I’ve tried a lot of tempering used in the baroque, classical and romantic periods and eventually I chose the tuning method of Johann Sebastian Bach – as deciphered in 2004 by Bradley Lehman. Since I have been using this form of tempering, the harmonies in my playing have been enriched with tones that haven’t been heard before."


I have released 14 CDs in different jazz styles, but I have only one CD in New Age/Nu Jazz style:
It's called IMPOSSIBLE and released in 2007.

Set List

Typical set is 2x50 min.
I play my own songs and improvisations.