An experimental blend of folk, rock, pop, and even a little country, thrown into a bowl to marinate in a thick sauce of do-it-yourself lo-fi indie sound. This album, Beer Can Superstar, leans more toward our folk/pop inclinations, but all elements are present.


zt is made up of two brothers, Zach & Zane, from Ohio. After their former band broke up due to life, the duo decided to invest all their money into a home studio. Over a span of four years, the brothers pieced together a studio in Zach's childhood room, vacated due to his status as a college student. Beer Can Superstar is the first album recorded in this homemade basement studio, alongside three recordings from the "Comment" sessions with David Morckel. The album has elements of folk, country, rock, and pop, mixed with a touch of psychedelic/experimental sounds. All songs were written and performed by Zach & Zane, with Dave playing bass on the three songs recorded during the Comment sessions. The album is currently being released to download (for free) on a weekly basis, one song at a time on their blog, zt-music.blogspot-com, As of Tuesday, February 8th, 2011, three of Beer Can Superstar's ten tracks had been released: Mood Painting, Chandelier, and Basement Blues.
Some of zt's influences include Radiohead, Neil Young, Kaki King, Lykke Li, and Beck, to name just a few.


Mood Painting

Written By: zt

with my hands & my feet
here I stand, here I see
my mood,
it paints

the air & the trees
they're coming straight out of me
the words that I say
made it that way (come feel me)

the colors that I see
painted red cause I'm screaming
the world that I made
i made it all wrong

'cause the frown that I see
pointed directly straight at me
it was a smile that i just
wouldn't see

so come feel me,
i'm cold.

'cause the air & the trees
are coming straight out of me
the things that I thought
made it that way
am i insane?


Beer Can Superstar

Set List

Mood Painting
Basement Blues
Nice Thought
When You're Spinning
I Don't Even Know
See You Later
Short skirt long jacket