Athens, Ohio, USA

Strange music for strange times. Indie rock with a touch of psychedelia, a healthy dose of punk attitude, some pop sensibility, and a dash of weird.


ZT began life as a two-piece band of brothers (Zach & Zane) in 2011 after their former band, Pup the Rabbit, broke up. Due to their location (Zane in Chillicothe, Zach in Athens), the band has largely been in their homemade studio the last few years, with occasional appearances live as their schedules allow. The two brothers recorded their first album, 'Beercan Superstar' on their own in their basement in 2010. The duo then became a trio after Ryan Shreve began playing bass with the brothers in July of '11. Shreve was spiritually adopted as brother and inducted into the band by the end of August '11. The recast ZT then went about writing and recording their first album as a three-piece, 'What Are Stitches to a Tough Guy?', recorded during a week-long stay in a local cabin.

Sonically, 'What are Stitches to a Tough Guy?' mixed Flaming-Lips and Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia with Nirvana-like grunge and Modest-Mouse tinged weirdness and aggression. Songs like "New Wife" finds the band at their most accessible, while with songs like "Acid Test", based on Ken Kesey's 60's experiments with LSD, we hear ZT getting a little weird. Other songs such as "Get Some Rest" and "Falling Up" display the band's more soulful side. As broad of a sonic territory that they have traversed thus far, ZT feels that they are only getting started. The band are currently plotting their next move and planning their follow-up to 'What are Stitches to a Tough Guy?' as well as booking shows in support of the album.

ZT believes that music is an opportunity for a real communication in a time that seems to favor plastic conversations and digital accounts. Our band creed, if we have to have one, is that the only way to get a little bit of life back into our lives is to wake up to everything that is happening around us, not just what the talking heads of the world tell you is important. Gil Scott-Heron was right; the revolution will not be televised. Open your ears, eyes, and mind.



New Wife

Written By: Zach Taylor

Nice car,
big house,
new clothes-
you mouse.
Hiding where he can be seen,
won't get in fights without his team,
pretty man.

New wife,
old job.
His old kids
hate their new mom,
but old things like feelings die hard.

New house,
old clothes.
Both smaller than those he was used to before.

You know one of those guys.

Falling Up

Written By: Zach Taylor

I fell into the sky,
I jumped into the light;
I finally found some life
Outside my own two eyes and mind-
I'm falling up.

I fell into your eyes;
I feel hypnotized.
Stratosphere far behind,
only have you in mind.
I'm falling up.

Fell out of space and time,
Forgot whose face was mine.
Finally realized
Everything would be fine,
It always was.

I'm falling up.

Life in the Trees

Written By: Zach Taylor

I would like to get away.
I would love to float at sea.
I would like to just be,
Hate to do anything else.

Simple as it can be
I would like it to be
So sanitize life for me, please baby
I don't like none of these dirty things.

You made such a mess,
Then you point and say get this
For me.

I will build my own life in the trees, see how bad I can do.
We will build our own life in the hills, see how bad we can do,
Not as bad as you.

Take this mess, take it all from me.
I didn't make it, so I won't clean up.

Get Some Rest

Written By: Zach Taylor

Please just rest your head,
let the worried thoughts out-
they're no good here.
Please just let them fade
like the wind of yesterday,
far from here.
You need something else but
what you can't tell
I'm sorry but I have no answers for you.

Your problems on your face
I can read them from here
It's no good, no use, child,
Can't you see that
Right now, this second, is all that you've got
Yesterday is nothing 'cause it's already lost.

Come along with me, we can make a memory,
We can freeze the flow of time in our our way.

We can.
Can we?


Beercan Superstar - 2011 LP, Self-released
What are Stitches to a Tough Guy? - 2012 LP, Self-released

Set List

(In no particular order)

Get Some Rest
New Wife
Life in the Trees
Local News
Is That a Bomb?
Falling Up
What I Like About You (Cover)
Acid Test
Good Times Are Killing Me (Cover)
Cool as Hell
Driving Nowhere
If You Must (Cover)
Thinking in Circles
When You're Spinning
Let Them In