Zuban Laszlo

Zuban Laszlo


Traditional and new rock/folk for you.


Started in early 60's, in small folk band, and travel trough the middle-east Europe. In 70's played some famous Hungarian folk band, and wrote many special composition to Theater. From 90's plays as hobbyist, and on demand.



Written By: Laszlo Zuban

I marvel at the way
rivers are forming my figure,
my dry leaf –skin
year after year.

I’m caressing your breast
with root-hands in hot summer,
longing to touch your flaxen hair,
to fly with the wind.

If we manage to forget
the formulas of things,
we can become trees or towns,
doing what we are supposed to do:

We’ll embrace the earth growing cold
and each other night after night.

A Hundred Years

Written By: Laszlo Zuban

Come and sit amongst us,
eat and drink
while thick fog is
drizzling upon the trees.

Eat and drink,
nothing changes,
here on earth
everything remains the same.

Don’t think of the journey,
dream instead,
dream of hundreds of years awaiting us.

Set silence a measure,
merry tunes are born,
on the verge of verses
the angels are listening.

Eat and drink…

The grief in your heart
will fade away again
while dancing in circle
around the fire.