Wide-range rock music: grungy-like riffs, hard drummin', acoustic tones and deep vocals...


Put Pearl Jam, U2, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N' Roses and Goo Goo Dolls in a bloody blender... add tequila with a lime, and that's us!

We're a band from Mexico defying the odds by singing in English...


- Bleed E.P. (unreleased 2004):
1. Morning Rain
2. It's Over Now
3. So Tell Me Now
4. Bleed
5. Come Back to Me
6. Insane

- Zubersiva E.P. (2006):
1. I Know
2. It's Over Now
3. It's Hard to Say I'm Sorry
4. Come Back to Me
5. Morning Rain

- Live @ Karlovy Bar, Monterrey, Mexico - (2007):
1. Fly Away
2. It's Hard to Say I'm Sorry
3. It's Over Now
4. I Lose Myself
5. Without You
6. Come Back to Me (sixties version)
7. Guitar/Drum solo
8. I Know
9. Insane (studio cut)

Set List

Current Set List:
1. Busy
2. So Tell Me Now
3. Get Away
4. Come Back To Me
5. Without You
6. It's Over Now
7. Hard to Find
8. I Know
9. Morning Rain
10. Disappear
11. Suenos ("Dreams")