Zug Izland

Zug Izland


Zug Izland can best be described as toxic rock, with a dirty raw Detroit sound. Deep rooted in the city's musical legacy, the band features a blend of vivid lyrical imagery, eclectic guitar, dream like sound effects and a rhythm section tapped into the groove of rock's past, present and future.



The Detroit based rock band broke onto the national competitive music scene in 2003 with their debut album, "Cracked Tiles", produced by Joe Bruce (ICP), Syn & Platinum producer Mike P for Psychopathic Records. The group took precedence immediately with their raw yet fresh approach of gritty rock & roll!

Soon after the initial release of "Cracked Tiles", Zug Izland pushed their first two ground breaking singles; "Fire" and the classic cover theme song from "The Lost Boys" movie soundtrack "Cry". Both of which made an enormous impact nationwide and received a great deal of radio airplay. It was during this exhaustive period that Zug Izland completed a full US tour and began taking steps towards the birth of their follow up album.

In 2004, the highly anticipated sophomore record titled "3:33 (this time in it's entirety produced by Mike P) was released and undeniably made even more noise then it's predecessor! Once again Zug Izland creatively masterminded another step in the right direction with the CD's first single "Saved". Shortly after, "Saved" took over the airwaves nationwide and received such an overwhelming response from fans; the group replied back with their first "MTV" ready video!

As the band has progressed and continued to make noise their hard work has been definitely been paying off, this time without the support of management or a label! From Zug Izland’s first inception onto the national rock & roll music scene their youthful, energetic, live performance has shared the stage with a great number of excellent artist. Some of these include; "Dope", "Saliva", "Three Days Grace" and "Tommy Lee" just to name a few!

Currently the band is making the final preparations to release their most up to date creation "Promised Land" slated for a 2007 release!


2002 *Fire (1st single for Debut album "Cracked Tiles" This release also featured Zug Izland cult classic "Sunny Day") (Psychopathic Records/ Red Music Distribution)

2003 *Cracked Tiles (Debut album) (Psychopathic Records/ Red Music Distribution)

2003 *Cry (2nd single for Debut album "Cracked Tiles") (Psychopathic Records/ Red Music Distribution)

2004 *Saved (1st single for sophomore release "3:33") (Psychopathic Records/Axe & Smash Records/ Red Music Distribution)

2004 *3:33 (Sophomore album "3:33") (Psychopathic Records/Axe & Smash Records/ Red Music Distribution)

2004 *Saved (Music video/ 3:33 Single)

2007 *Promised Land (Release date TBA)

Set List

A typical Zug Izland set list will take you on a journey of sound like no other!

(Standard Set: 30 min- 2 Hrs. Not necessarily in this order.)

* Sunny Day (Cracked Tiles)
* Everything (3:33)
* Hate (3:33)
* Fire (Cracked Tiles)
* Feel (3:33)
* Ride (3:33)
* Prison Song (Cracked Tiles)
* Taken (3:33)
* Always (Cracked Tiles)
* Y (3:33)
* SLAM (Cracked Tiles)
* Chemical Girl (Promised Land)
* Live (3:33)
* The River (Cracked Tiles)
* Saved (3:33)
* Lies (Promised land)
* Suicide (Cracked Tiles)
* Cry (Cracked Tiles)
* The Wall (Zug Izland Toxic Version)