BandHip Hop

Call it what you what you may... We are not fans of coloring our "look" or "sound" to acheive a candy-coated pop-culture comatose. Just listen.


The brainchild of hip hop artist Conunudrum, Zullo is the natural and organic evolution of a hip hop infused ethos that transcends the streets. Much like KRS ONE, the Roots, and Common pushed the boundaries of what hip hop is and can be, Zullo takes its cues from punk, jazz, blues,and funk; fusing them together into a sound that hits hard like a pistol shot, yet is light like laughter. Infectious grooves, melodic guitar lines, powerful beats, and provocative vocals; this is what hip-hop is to them.

The group is comprised of rapper Conundrum, drummer Rick Agzz, chapman sticker TerryDaktal, bassist Timmba, rhythm guitarist L. Camino, Enpossant sharing rhyming duties, and The Sax Man Mike Moss adding a little extra sexiness on ocassion. Like a latter-day Parliament, the group takes the stage and lets loose a string of rhymes and beats, that don’t just funk things up, they point to the future of hip hop with a shout out to the past.


The Bricolage EP
1. Why?
2. Technology (Package It)
3. Robo Fat
4. Luv Hum
5. Warz About Death

Set List

Our set list depends on our time given to perform and the type of venue. When we only play full nights (2-3hrs) we provide a mixture of original, covered, and improvisational pieces. Shorter sets (an hour and under) include a tightly rehearsed performance utilizing mostly original songs.