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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
Band Latin Reggae


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"Probando" was the name of the demo that those guys from Barcelona had been showing in the stages of Barceloa until they auto-produced their first record, at last, at the beginning of 2006, their debut album: "Conecta o revienta".
If theur live show is a Carnival party, the sounds of the recordare a roundtrip to different neighbourhoods from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Starting from the Caribean, from La Habana Vieja until Kingston, passing through Candeal de Bahía and ending at thel Raval in Barcelona, to re-start again. The target of the trip is to break all bordersand transmit a very positive vision of life .
The result is a fresh and varied record of Happy Style: Reggae, Salsa, Rumba, Samba and Hip Hop, with some drops of Ragga, Son, Funk and, of course, a lot of "Mano Negra Style", and whatever is needed. Becase the most important is the rythm, the colour and above all the heat that you feel when you listen to this "Conecta o revienta".
As it usually happens when a "mestizo" band records a record, we find collaborations of musicians friends. In this case, Jaguar Andrade, guitar player for Carlinhos Brown, Dani Macaco and the horn players from Muchachito Bombo Infierno.
Zulú 9:30 is a commited band tht plays "rebel music", but who talk about everyday life: pary, dance, life, the optimism, love, sex, alcohol, marihuana, the path, immigration, the appearances, and the most appreciated right: freedom.
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Suday, 10:55 h February 26th 2006

Canival Concert with Ojos de Brujo The Flamenco fusionof the catalan band along with the band Zulú 9.30 will sound in the Carnival Showground in the Moll de Costa
Redaction |

The bands Ojos de Brujo and Zulú 9.30 are the starring bands of the Tarragona's Carnival line-up. Tonight, at 22.30 h at the Carnival Showground in the Moll de Costa in the Port of Tarragona. The flamenco fusión of Ojos de Brujo will sound tonight, four days after the launch of Techarí , their 3rd album. Marina la Canillas, Ramón el Metralleta, Juanlu Leprevost and Xavi Turull among others will get on stage wth their strong and characteristic live staging. The band Zulú 9.30 come back again to Tarragona in the middle of the tour of their first cd Conecta o revienta . Zulú 9.30 anounce a very special performance because of their special relationship with the city, where they won the competition DO Tarragona 2005 during the Santa Tecla parties. Ticket prices: 16 & 18 euros in advance and 20 euros at the door.

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Caixa Sabadell Etnival
Girona, Parc de les Ribes del Ter
22, 23 y 24 of june 2007

Three consecutive days of non stop program in a stage located in a park, near a river: this year the festival Caixa Sabadell Etnival rolled out the red carpet with a total of fourteen bands related, most of them, to the musical "mestizo" scene. (...)
The day after, the Caixa Sabadell Etnival offers one of those musical banquets that a very few festivals dare to offer and, even less freely for the audience: a first level band's list from from midday until… The brave guys of Gertrudis didn't lose their nerve with the strong suntrap at 1 p.m. and they charged with their good rumba that made dance and sweat the very first audience. After came Rauxa, Nómhadas & Calima, this last band with a great performance that surprised to a big part of the audience that discovered them that afternoon in Girona. After the most authentic catalan rumba ofered by Patriarcas de la Rumba & Sabor de Gracia, Sargento García & Zulú 9.30 rounded off with their latin music a very good & big music party night that, no doubt about it, many of us will remember. (...) // María José López Vilalta, ‘La Morocha’

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Even that someone could think that this band from Barcelona has appeared from the last batch of "mestizo" musicians, the guys from Zulu 9.30 have been hitting the scene for the last eight years. Pure dynamite for Saint John's night ath the Caixa Sabadell Etnival.
Zulu 9.30

Before the musical "mestizo" scene exploted in Barcelona , Oski-Jah Man (leader, vocals) and Kodi (background vocals and guitar) plyed reggae and ska respectively and they soaked up with no limits in all kinds of music: “We listen to everything –says Kodi- from Police to Rubén Blades, without forgetting the great Bob Marley, Fania, the Nu Flamenco, and ¿why not? to ¡Alejandro Sanz!” So, this is how they conceive teir personal fusión, naturally, as it comes up… “For us, the music is the best way to take what we have inside, avoiding any unnatural experience that we won't feel as near us” adds Oski-Jah.

With them, Blion Zion and Charlie Cuevas are the founders of this 10 members band with a wide variety fo musical origins, but who converge perfectly with a powerful style with a personal hallmark. “For example Nando Picó (sax) and Peter (trumpet) they come from the jazzy fields, Sergio (trumpet) has a salsa style, Blas (Blion Zion) is the nearest to flamenco in the band…” says Kodi.
After an intense experience through a great club circuit, it was time to get into the studio and a couple of years ago they recorded CONECTA O REVIENTA, auto-produced record that counts with the collaboration of Kasba and K Industry for it's distribution. “The support of Son de 3 Producciones was decisive, in the record we had the honor to invite people like Josué El Ciclón from Muchachito Bombo Infierno, with Dani Macaco who was a leader for us and from Bahía with Jaguar Andrade with whom we are still working and making some projects” Even with that nickname with clear jamaican rastafarian reminiscences, Oski-Jah Man makes his mouth water when he talks about Brasil.

Last year he had the oportunity to be there for several months, in the same kingdom of Carlinhos Brown, in the bahian neighbourhood of Candeal, and to share the musical experiences with artists developed in the Pracatum musical school.

“My dream had always been to have a great big band in which no one excels on top of any other, and this is what I think we achieve inZulu 9.30” says the main vocalist. They don't mind at all that they cathegorize them in the "mestizo" style, but they don't mind at all. They are free, they feel so and they sing it clearly in their tune Libertad, one of the eleven tunes of the record.

Since we categorze them, their style would be reggae-afro-latino and this last part is what makes them really different: the Latin beat of Zulu 9.30 is ressounding and high quality, ¡even that they aren't from the other side of the Altantic Ocean! –excepting Sergio “the chilean of the band”-.
“We get inspiration in the music we like. We have grown with bands that play roots music and we have been fed from that first generation of musicians that made fusion like Sargento García, for example. In our music you could find similar styles, but never a copy” declares Oski-Jah. In terms of the lyrics, they are also a pure reflecto of the essence of the band that proclaims the good vibrations, the sense and loyalty from the roof tops: “Above all there's humanity. We talk bout it, about how important is to have and keep good friends , about love, about a good rumba or about the aroma of marihuana. We don't like the big speeches, first you have to act and get involved with the most near things, with the smallest things and then, after all there's the rest” they say at the same time the two vocalists of the and
They are still with the hangover of the success of their recent tour in Holland, in which they played in front of more than 10000 people, and the are packing for a double summer tour in the The Netherlands. “We're working in the new record. Now we know that we know how to fuse, so we want to precise and define more our style. Next record will have more beat, it will be more personal and lógically much more elaborated and mature” says Oski-Jah.

For ho didn't know Zulu 9.30, June 23rd in Caixa Sabadell Etnival they will have an unavoidable occasion to enjoy this band with all their "salsa", because appart from good music, the key of this band is in it's explosive live shows. Anybody is safe, with Zulu 9.30 who doesn't connect, burst!. (Translation of "Connecta o Revienta" = "Connect or burst"

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RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I

Outstanding collaborations:

· Selector Matanzas
· La Kinky Beat
· Che Sudaka
· Amparanoïa
· Go Lem System
· Alcohol Fino
· Sergent Garcia
· Cheb Balowski
· Desechos
· Zulu 9.30
· Macaco
· Elbicho
· Chango Family
· Manu Chao
· Andreu & els Rumberus
· Mártires del Compás
· Fermin Muguruza
· Wagner Pá
· Radio Chango Sound System

Year of launch: 2005

Record label: RadioChango

Type: Compilation

Track list:

1. Chango feat. El Matanzas - Chango Dub Intro
2. La Kinky Beat - No Es Lo Mismo (intro)
3. Che Sudaka - Trenecillo
4. Amparanoïa - Si Fuera
5. Go.Lem System - Maga
6. Alcohol Fino - La Dirección
7. Sargento García - Poetas
8. Cheb Balowski - Plou Plom
9. Desechos - El Prestidigitador
10. Zulu 9.30 - Waka Waka
11. Macaco - La Poción
12. El Bicho - Letras
13. La Chango Family - Amoul Solo
14. Manu Chao - J'ai Besoin de la Lune
15. Andreu & els Rumberus - Xica d'Interé
16. Mártires del Compás - Juan Tirita
17. Fermín Muguruza - Armagideon Tenoreko Azternak - Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty) Remix
18. Wagner Pa - Hermanito del Barrio
19. El Matanzas feat. Chango - Outro Para la Próxima


"ZULU 9.30 - "Huellas""

When you just put the CD into the CD player and you listen to the first sounds, one asks himself if we are in front of a band from Barcelona or from La Habana. Because "Era" could perfectly be signed by the Fania All Stars. And the rumba flavours of "Tu te vas" would fit perfectly to La Lupe. But, of course, with the special guest vocals of Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia) it is worth. The central theme in which this great combo catalan "mestizo" musicians base their is latin music. Without forgetting Jamaica, that little island near to Cuba, in which Reggae is the king, greately exemplified in "Nube Viajera" or "Huellas" - this last one with a very deep philosophical lyrics. In this party we couldn't miss the Tumbao spiced with some Raggamuffin of "Bandidos", the Reggae-Funk with 70's disco music flavours from "Ali no mar", or the afro sound of the congas in "Vaya donde vaya". The entourage of collaborators in the record, composed by members of Ojos de Brujo, Macaco, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, or the catalan master of jazz-fusion Josep "Kitflus" (Iceberg, Pegasus), let us glimpse the exclusive club to which this plenty orquestra belongs to. //Miguel Ángel Sánchez Gárate

Translation of a new fom B! Ritmos, written by Miguel Angel Sanchez Garate. - B! Ritmos - Miguel Ángel Sanchez Gárate


Zulu 9.30 launches in April their second record "Huellas", the next part of their work after "Conecta o Revienta", their debut album, which at the end of March was distributed in Argentina under the record label Sonoamérica and distributed through EMI. It's a record with 12 tunes that shows the consolidation of this band as an urban band with latin rhythms. It will have luxury collaborations from Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia), Sergio Ramos (Ojos de Brujo), Josep Mas "Kitflus" and Josue Garcia (Muchachito Bombo Infierno).


"ZULU 9.30 leaves it's own footprint (huella)"

Zulu 9.30 launches their second record "Huells" (Kasba Music, 2008). With this record, the macro band from Barcelona wants to create his own spot and his own and recognizabe sound. For this reason they bet for a bunch of luxury collaborations like Amparanoia, Paul de Swardt (Macaco), Kitflus, and Sergio Ramos and Max Wright (Ojos de Brujo).

The growing evolution of Zulu 9.30 is a fact. The great founder core of the band (Kodi, Charlie, Blion Zion and Oski Jah-man) and the horn section have been joined by the drummer Ed Moreira and the percussionist Alan de Sousa (musician for Iyexa and Javier Ruibal). Not only the brazilian sound is added to the original sound of the and: the tunes of Zulu 9.30 hav matured. The singer and composer of the "mestizo" band, Oski Jah-Man assures: The best recognition is that bands that we've been listening and admiring, even when we didn't play yet, take us into account, the people from Ojos de Brujo, Muchachito, Macaco or Amparo from Amparanoia, that col·laborates in this new record. Because they not only pass the buck, they even work hard for it, they get interested in the project, they like it and some of them came to the launch of th CD on April 23rd at Apolo in Barcelona.
In the last record, Conecta o Revienta (Kasba Music, 2005) also collaborated Dani Macaco and Josue García (Muchachito Bombo Infierno). Oski goes over it: That first record was like a training, to get to know those rhythms and styles, and this second record is really the footprint ("huella") of Zulu 9.30. The same way that, if we listen two seconds to Manu Chao we know who is right away, now we want to demonstrate our development and maturing process and make clear which is our footprint. Moreover, "Huellas" makes reference to everything that trascends, to the footprints that everyone leaves and the ones we follow from others. The starring collaboration is from Amparo (Amparanoia) in the tune "Tu te vas", which according to Oski is auto biographic. It talks about when you are at home with your own bussiness and your couple demands your attention, but you have to go on with your things, and so she says "Go away". We realzed that Amparo's voice was the way to make the tune sound less subjective. Is something that happens to every boy and girl, boy and boy or girl and girl. She has the image of an independent women, a rebel, with self-esteem and cnviction, she was ideal for the song. Other tunes, as the one that starts the record "Era" they walk for themselves, it transmits the need to take advantage of your time. There are things that if you aren't aware they pass by. We try to leave in our times and that's what we want to transmit in our music.

Translation of an article from Enderrock Magazine - June 2008 written by Rafael Maia - Enderrock Magazine - June 08


Jury's special Favourites

(... and twenty other bands)

ZULU 9.30
Funky Latin & Jamaican dance music. Barcelone

Contact: Earth Beat, Rob van den Bosch
Tel: +31 (0) 2 06 27 95 18
www.earthbeat.nl www.zulu930.com

- BABEL MED 2009 CATHALOG pages 156 & 157


Zulu 9.30, the urban band of "mestizo" rhythms - brazilian samba, black soul and latin rhythms - put the perfect finale to the "Tablero de Música de la UBU", that yesterday finished after having brought many good acts to Burgos during the Thursdays of July. The members of Zulu 9.30 dazzled the audience with the tunes of their new record "Huellas"

Translation of an excerpt of an article from Diario de Burgos on August 1st 2008. Written by Victor Herrero. - DIARIO DE BURGOS - August 1st 2008


Para Todos los Publicos (2013) Kasba Music
Tiempo al Tiempo (2011) Kasba Music
Remixes (2009) Kasba Music
Huellas (2008) Kasba Music
Conecta o Revienta (2005) Kasba Music



From the multicultural breeding ground of Barcelona, Zulu 9.30 blends a powerful mix of dancehall reggae, salsa, fun, and a hint of hiphop. Taking the famous Barcelona born Musica Mestiza to another level.

In their colorful mix of music the careful listener will even notice a Brazilian flavour in some of the songs. And they are right because the drummer and the percussionist are cultural immigrants in the Mediterranean capital coming from Salvador de Bahia; giving reggae, salsa and funk rhythms that Brazilian edge. The horns -saxophone and two trumpets- swing tightly and soulfully on top of the deep rhythm section of drum kit, fat bass from the virtuoso Charlie, a variety of percussion and a jazzy piano.
In front of the band you have Bilon Zion on acoustic guitar/vocals, Kodi on electric guitar/vocals and in the centre of stage the charismatic Oski-Jah Man on lead vocals. He proofed to capture the full attention of huge amounts of party people with only his acoustic guitar and his distinctive voice, but also leads the band when the whole band accelerate and temperatures rise to a boiling point. That’s when the percussion, bass and keyboard lay down a no-escape dance groove, the horn section blows you away and the three singers start jumping. It is clear that Zulu 9.30 is a tight touring band that can rip up the dance floor anywhere in the world

New Album ‘Huellas’
After their debut CD ‘Conecta o Revienta’ in 2005, the group played extensively on all kind of stages, from world music festivals to pop events and a string of local clubs. They brought the house down at festivals as Amsterdam Roots (Netherlands) , Pole Pole (Belgium) and Caixa Sabadell Etnival (Spain).
After wrapping up their series of concerts in summer 2007 Zulu 9.30 immediately went on to prepare their new album “Huellas”. Most of the tracks have been written while the band was on the road, but they spend another few months to get the album sounding exactly what they had in mind. Aware of the fact that they have build up a great live reputation the band was eager to challenge that with their studio recordings. To get an internationally competing sound they mixed their new born at the Sterling Sound Studios, New York, in between Julian Marley, Beyonce and Coldplay.
The first single from the album is ‘Tu te vas’ which is a catchy duet with singer Amparo (from Amparanoia) and Zulu’s own Oski-jah man. Check out the video clip!