Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Zuluwannsago is an afro fusion band based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 10 bandmembers come from all parts of the world: Africa, the Carribean, US, Portugal and The Netherlands.This results in a catchy jazzy, funky groove with strong African influences, played on festivals and in clubs.


Yusuf Nuweku, the bandleader, originally comes from Ghana. From childhood on he played the traditional percussion rhythms from his country. In the Netherlands he developed himself as a bandleader. Apart from percussion he always loves the afrobeat (from Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade), jazz and funk. These are the styles that Zuluwannsago plays.
The Caribbean man Papie Lomp is the big man behind the keyboard. He produces, arranges and composes mainly latin and gospel music.
Carlos Manso is half Portugese half Dutch. As a music engineer and session leader he saw every jam session and band in Amsterdam. He plays bass guitar.
Sam Sawadogo was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, but was raised in the Netherlands. At the age of twelve he was already playing his guitar in a gospel band. He plays all styles of music: reggae, funk and blues, with many different bands.Sean Winters has had a trumpet on his lips since the age of eight. Originally haling from Boulder, Colorado; Sean has played trumpet all over the world – Montréal, Jerusalem, NYC, Amsterdam
The other musicians from Zuluwannsago are: Leopoldo da Silveira sax (Mozambique) , Ans Feenstra (Netherlands) and Mariam Adukwe (Nigeria) vocals, Maarten van Aalst (Surinam/Netherlands) on congas, and Eduard Tjon (Surinam) on drums.


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Hi, I am Yusuf, a Ghanaian percussionist and bandleader living in The Netherlands. With my band Zuluwannsago we play afrobeat, funk and jazz on festivals and in clubs. Here http://www.youtube.com/zuluwannsago you'll find some videos from a Jazz festival where we performed. And this is my website: http://www.yusufsbeat.nl/. I also have a profile on myspace: www.myspace.com/zuluwannsago. I hope you'll like my music and that you are interested in booking us. Please do let me know what you think about it. Thanks and greetings, Yusuf Nuweku Tel. + 31 684123679

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