Zuma is a rock band with strong songwriting talent and supernatural groove. It is a modern take on a classic rock and roll mentality. It is crafted, eclectic and enduring. Zuma could easily be your new favourite band.


Zuma is a group of young rockers from Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They were brought up on traditional East Coast and Celtic music, as well as the classic rock of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond. These four self-taught musicians have been good friends and jamming partners for years. The band formed in 2007 and began playing tunes written by the dynamic duo of Dan Paynter and Iain McCarvill. They have the rock and roll sound "impressively figured out" (Kent Aitken, The Cadre) and have used these skills to book their own shows through 2008, have a number of their songs featured on local FM radio and have showcased in the Maritimes at Contact East 2007 and on the Discovery Stage at the 2008 ECMAs.


several basement tapes
10 song demo (2007)
9 song demo (2007)
2008 demo recording in the works.

We have been university students the last few years. We're too poor to do a professional recording at this point but we've been using our time wisely to work on pre-production, song arrangements, and writing new tunes.

Set List

Halifax Blues
Pleased to Meet You
Trip to Morocco
Second Hand Stoned
It Rains
Any Road
Waste Away
Sweet Mandi
North Shore Fisherman