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Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Zumbido is a rock band formed in late 2013 in Brazlândia, Federal District. The band ghaters Junior on guitar, Otaviano Gontijo on drums, Severo on bass and Pedro Cavalcante on vocals. Their first material was recorded in Orbis Studio with Marcos Pagani and also in the studio Coruja Studio (Goiânia). Braz Torres and Rodrigo Andrade (Hellbenders) were the ones producing this singles release last year. They are are preparing to release their first album yet this year. For the good quality of the clip "Espiral do Silêncio", but also for the music and lyrics, it is worth waiting for this álbum. According to Zumbido, the clip is a metaphor for society, in which individuals abandon what they believe in order to be accepted by it. - Nada Pop

"Watch "Contra Currente", Zumbido’s first music video"

The alternative rock band from Brazlandia recently released their first video. Made in a completely independent production. The song chosen for this milestone was “Contra Contra”.

Formed later 2013, in Brazlândia/DF, the group has Luis Vandson in the guitar; Rhodie André on drums; Severe on bass and Pedro Cavalcante on vocals. In the repertoire, their delivers its influences of classic rock with a hint of alternative approach, the lyrics, are guided by famous books.

The band’s first single was recorded in Orbis Studio with Marcos Pagani. They are currently elaborating it’s debut EP with the studios Nash (Thiago Araújo) and Coruja with the production ofy Braz Torres and Rodrigo Andrade.

Watch below the video "Contra Corrente", co-directed by Marcelo Dias. - Bota Pra Tocar

"Zumbido: The music video for "Espiral do Silêncio” is released"

Espiral do Silêncio is the theme for Zumbido’s second video. Conceived by the political scientist Elizabeth Noelle Neumann, this theory talks about individuals omitting their opinions when facing a dominant one to be accepted into a particular group. In short, you give up what you believe to be accepted in a society.

The clip parallels this context not only by the lyrics, but also with a trough images of how politicians and the media presents us a solution for our social growth. For us, the message is that our politics has flaws on every side and one of the villains are we as voters, but with simple gestures from day to day we can do our role for a better society.

Directed by Vinicius Rosa, screenplay by Pedro Cavalcante (supported by Ada Sue, Luis Vandson and Vinicius Rosa) and produced by the band, friends and family. The video was filmed in Brazlândia/DF. It has the participation of the musician, actor, athlete and a great friend, Lusemberg Pereira as the protagonist. The song will be part of our first EP, which will be released some day between October and November.

Trivia: The video took one day to recorded a few months to be planned. The initial idea did not have a newspaper room and would not have any character besides the band. After much talk, and the director’s point of view, everyone agreed that it was the best to do. The audio at the beginning of the video was put there the day before the release and we all dig that. According to the singer/songwriter, Espiral do Silêncio is one of the few songs that he composed with a theme set, because he usually tries chords at the same time he is composing. He knew the theory involving this concept when he studied journalism in college and that made sense in several situations, so he decided that it could turn into music.

With no further ado, watch now: - O Subsolo - Portal do Underground


2015 - Single - Tudo que restou

2015 - Single - Contra Corrente

2016 - Single - Espiral do Silêncio

2016 - Álbum - Zumbido



Formed in Brazlândia/DF in 2013, the quartet is an alliance of musicians who have performed in several bands of different rock n roll genres. With a totally authorial repertoire, each member’s influence bring to this mix a heavy, authentic and honest dynamics. The lyrics present facts of daily life, invented stories and book readings. Musically, a bit stoner, a bit national rock and a bit alternative rock, but above all, lots and lots of Buzzzz. Our vocalist is the main composer, already known as a good composer in other projects, he development a very emancipated way of making music. With the work of all the members in the band, it becomes even more difficult to define what kind of sound Zumbido makes, that's a mission to the audience.

The band won the contest "Uma Banda da Cidade" (broughted by the company “Promove”), at its first season,” in March/2015. In  September / 2015 was awarded at the festival Metal Reciclado (broughted by “Virada do Cerrado”). Zumbido played in the festival “Grito Rock” in Formosa in 2016 and participated in the 1st selective “Porão do Rock” in 2015.

The first video clip release happend in September/2015, with a totally independent production. It was co-directed by Marcelo Cipreste. The video received great acceptance, and the result came through a relevant increasement of their audience. Plus, the video was broadcasted in media channels  such like PlayTV, Cult22, Brasília Connection and in the web pages Bota Pra Tocar, Rock de Verdade, Novo Rock Nacional, among others.

The second clip was recorded in 2016, for the song “Espiral do Silêncio” (Spiral of Silence), which the lyrics are aimed at the apathy of the society towards the mediatic schedule. The clip is now at full disclosure.

The formation of the band consists in Theo on electric guitar, Otaviano Gontijo on drums, Severo on bass and Pedro Cavalcante on vocals, percussionas and synthesizer.

Zumbido participated in festivals with bands like Matanza, Projeto Macaco, Darshan, Planalto Central and its is currently performing in venues in Federal District and Goiás. The first tracks were recorded in Orbis Studio with Marcos Pagani, and in the Coruja Studio in Goiânia with production by Braz Torres and Rodrigo Andrade (Hellbenders). After the release of 3 singles through the year of 2015 and 2016, the band is now finalizing its first album, produced by Astor Braz and with the release schedule to March/2017.

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