Zuri Star

Zuri Star

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Authentically engaging. Zuri Star is as unique as her name. Zuri's flavorful music is like Debbie Harry meets for a lively discussion with Lady Gaga about life, love, triumphs & heartbreak, while sipping on Kir Royales.


Full of life, passion, and love Zuri’s music is clearly defined as Pop but she breaks the rules by infusing them with meaning beyond the club, the hype, and at the core we get who she is, Zuri is a LOVER! She was brought up with a heavy focus on theater, dance, and music. Her mixed "brady-bunch" esque family suffered a lot of tragedies and Zuri recalls this is why she started writing songs. As for singing, she pauses and says "singing is the only way I know how to deeply connect and breathe."
In 2008 she independently released her first single "Walk With Me," written by Zuri and Mike K. (David Archuleta, Natasha Bedingfield). That year, "Walk With Me," was selected as a finalist in several contests such as the Uber.com "You Bring the Talent" contest, The International Songwriting Competition and licensed to a film. Songs “FIRE”, “Walk With Me” and “Incomplete were voted first place four times and several times voted into the top ten on various channels on Ourstage.com. Other notable features were the home page feature on AOL Music and PopEater.com. Two years later the songs from “My Number One” continue to get recognized, her China music video for “FIRE” was voted into first place in September out of over 400 entries. Additionally “Starz Look Down” was nominated for an award with the Hollywood Music in Media Association.
Eccentrically coined to be similar to none she claims that her biggest influences are Prince, Queen, Madonna, RadioHead, Aretha Franklin, and Blondie.
Fresh out of a bad contract Zuri just released her newest song "Love or Hate" independently, written by Mike Krompass, Dolena K. and Zuri herself. Produced by Mario Marchetti (JoJo, Girlicious, Miranda Cosgrove). Take a listen here and keep up with Zuri and her fans dubbed as LOVERS on Twitter and www.ZuriStar.com.


Walk With Me

Written By: Zuri Allen Star

Walk With Me

Stuck in this hotel room
A thousand miles from you
I’d give anything just to get home to you
So I’m calling you boy
You say you"ve been so annoyed
I hear you say sometimes you think that you’re losing me

With a cool whisper I hear you say
That "everything’s ok"

And when you're scared walk with me
Tell me that you believe
It’ll be alright yeah
Walk with me, talk with me, tell me that everything,
everything will be alright

We’ve been together so long
Sometimes we bounce off the wall
Other times I can’t get you to move at all
Still we like to play
Sometimes we misbehave
Emotions teeter totter, here comes that wave

With a cool whisper I hear you say
That "everything’s okay"

When you"re scared walk with me
Tell me that you believe
It’ll be alright yeah
Walk with me, talk with me
Tell me that everything will be alright


Written By: Zuri Allen Star

Beauty’s a flame
You will never tame
And I am all of that I’m living up to my name
Wanna play this game
Let me explain
I’ve got a fire burning in my heart and through my veins

Get it get it get it every single day
Working for no pay, but still you do it anyway
I just wanna play, every single day
So I always say, I’m gonna do it my way

Oh I’ve got, got this fire burning inside me
Oh I’ve got, got this fire burning, it’s never leaving me

You wanna be like me
I can make you see
That I am everything you are I’m just believing
Wanna come with me
Baby then you’ll see
That everything you want is inside of my my my


I just wanna play
And this is my game
Ask me again, I’ll tell you the same



Single- "Love or Hate" digital release 2010
Single- "Walk With Me" digital release 2008
independent radio play, internet radio play
Single- "FIRE" digital release 2008
independent radio play, internet radio play
"My Number One" hard and digital released in November 2008
independent radio play, internet radio play

Set List

Currently I'm booking shows for the month of January and March in Los Angeles. East Coast tour in the Spring of 2011, bookings needed. I'll be adding a few covers but mainly playing originals in support of my second release. My crowds vary from city to city, My style caters to teens through middle aged adults, and I have seen the largest numbers at the dance clubs in the States and abroad.