Combining an intelligent and hip mix of California Style with Southern Soul, Zweng challenges the bounds of modern songwriting with an ever expanding style and musicality live, in the studio, and beyond.


After receiving licensing interest from ABC Television while recording their forthcoming album "Silent Scream of Gulls" Zweng's main songwriting duo of Ryan Zweng and Jonathan Hakakian began delving into the LA music community to expand their sound. Finding guitar ace Nick Annis (Black Light Burns), and drummer Steve Riley (Berklee College of Music) to experiment with, the group began to mesh and grow while producing for TV and independent projects. Now, with the new album about to release the group is set to sound the Silent Scream. Listen for an eclectic yet immediately recognizable style, meshing potent lyrical prowess, with an energetic and ever-accessible groove.
Injected with attitude, philosophy and feeling, Zweng's songs paint the landscape of a tempting new horizon.


2 Pens

Written By: Zweng

Well if you want to paint a tree/ try 2 pens then/ branches and leaves/ and they all look so different/ We got markers and in(c)ks/ and Crayola crimson/ Iv'e got two tops/ they never fall off

Well I've got 2 pens/ And I use them like one of a kind/ when I'm drawing I never ever use my mi- i- i-i-nd/ I've got 2 pens

Well if you want the dogs to walk/ you lead them by the leashes/ they'll sit, they'll shit, they'll bark/ whenever master pleases/ We got mountains of pens/ come (w)ri(gh)te down with them/ Everybody gets stains on their shirt some times

Well I've got 2 pens/ And I use them like on of a kind/ when I'm drawing I never ever use my look at the time cause everybody's so right

The Choke

Written By: Zweng

Well I'm trying my best to get addicted to cigarettes/ it hurts my throat but it helps my head/ I've mad up my mind/ I'm gonna die trying/ the folks back home know I need to unwind

And if you see me around Ill be outside/ with my head on the ground you see. no one will sit next to me

Well I'm taking it slow/ blow by blow/ the smoke, the choke, anything goes/ and if you call me a fool I'll just think I look cool/ alone, stoned, anything goes

And if you see me around/ I'll be outside/ with my head in a cloud you see/ the people just stair at me

I roll away the best part of my day/
Sit in vein and play with papers all day/ I bought a lite/ I bought a case you see

And if you see me around/ I'll be outside/ with my head on the ground you see/ no one will even talk to me/ pretty please

Xmas Is A Crime

Written By: Zweng

This is a public service announcement from your local art(h)ist(ory), about Christmas in the future.

Does it snow in the future?

I went ho ho ho / home for the holidays, found out that my Momma paid too much for some clothes/ I aint ever gonna wear less its socks and underwear/ I aint the type of kid who looks to find what he is in a store/ Woah, home for the holidays, got this Christmas tree thing ringing in my ears/ like bling, bling, bling, sing Jingle Bells/ How many trees you get to cut before you got no more to sell?

Xmas is a Crime

I said ho ho hold up, who's been a bad boy?/ Who's Momma still affords to buy her baby toys?/ Mine don't, I can't pretend iPhones get me any closer to the premium freedom I call Joy/ cause when I was younger, was never taught Love was the only gift that we'd ever need/ and now that I'm older I'm trying to re-order how objects get placed in an ever-expanding space*/ Man all these things that we waist/ baby nobody is safe from this disease/ and that's including me, my family, no money to plot/ so we killed our trees on a Payless parking lot.

Xmas is a Crime

It was immaculate conception/ I bring the song as a blessing


Fresh back from Ghana man so I've seen Christmas trees in a hundred degrees

I did the flood plain march to the New Orleans

Man you talking to me?

I said, Jesus said it

Santa: "Ho ho holy sh_t, this is a job I'm quiting children/ the north pole's melting so soon I won't have a home"

Kids: "No!"

Hello people, the world is changing / all I'm asking for is a little bit of, hmm, how would you say/ Intellectual acceleration/ All I really want to know is: why can't the West celebrate without getting paid?

*cite: Hawking, Steven, A Brief History of Time. Bantam, New York; 1988.


1. "Silent Scream of Gulls" set to release early 2009.
2. "Le Sabado Tarde" 2006 Independent Release.

Set List

2 Pens
Xmas Is A Crime
Further South
No Look Behind
Push Love
Sinning Souls
The Choke
Talking Words
Nostril Solver
Because Fatou