Formed in early 2009, the band labels itself as “Aggressive Pop Metal”; and consists of vocalist Scott Fraser, guitarists Raven Lee Morris & Pat Parisi, bassist Bryan Lozano & drummer Matt Fraser. Its members come from bands previously well-established in the local scene, and have performed at legendary NJ venues such as Birch Hill, The Saint, The Stone Pony & Starland Ballroom.


Zydrate is something different. It's a blend of everything in metal and hard rock today, keeping it powerful but not without melody. You won't hear constantly aggressive vocals, or nonstop ballads. What you will hear is something that will build you up and tear you down*. Zydrate is bringing the fun back to metal. Pat and Bryan (Severance), Raven (Recoil), Scott (Twine), and Matt (One Must Fall) have developed something heavy, catchy, groove-based, and melodic.


A Hundred Empty Promises - 2010