Zygo & The Deuce

Zygo & The Deuce


We present a fun mix of classic and contemporary country fused with rock and blues. Tight harmonies, great lyrics and memorable hooks mean you'll be singing these songs for days after any show.


Zygo and I (Harold) met on the Oklahoma National Tour a few years ago and have been playing and writing ever since. We've got over 60 original songs from slow, sorrowful ballads to uptempo, fun, clap-along songs about love and life. Many of the songs are a roadmap to the things we've been through together or separately over the past couple years.
I (Harold) come from the old school of country. Cash, Kristoferson, Jennings, LeDoux and The redheaded stranger were all influences growing up as well as a healthy dose of classic rock and blues.
Zygo comes from the new school. One of Zygo's biggest influences is Keith Urban.
We keep each other in check and challenge one another as writers and performers. When we're onstage the chemistry between us and the crowd is undeniable.


I Don't Want You to Go

Written By: Harold Barnard II

We loaded up the car
And tied the luggage on the rack.
Our family was moving
And we weren't coming back.
It was only two towns over
But we know it was the end.
I didn't know how to say goodbye
To my first real friend

I don't want you to go,
Can't you stay a little while?
I said I'd love to,
But we knew there wasn't time.
Mama said, don't you cry,
It'll be alright you just do the best you can.
And maybe somewher down the line
you'll see him again

End of senior year
And I was headed off to college.
She knew I had to go
And get my own life started.
I held her on her porchswing
While the moon shined above.
And told her she would always be
My first true love

I don't want you to go,
Can't you stay a little while?
She whispered in my ear
Though she knew we were out of time
I said, don't you cry, it'll be alright
You just do the best you can
And maybe somewhere down the line
I'll see you again

Through the years
I got used to goodbyes,
'Cause they're just a part of life.
But I still wasn't ready
When I got the call that night.

There in his room
Sitting by my father's side.
The years had caught him
He was almost out of time.
We sat there in silence
Neither knowing what to say.
I felt like a kid
Who's best friend had to go away

I don't want you to go
Can't you stay a little while?
He said son, I've had a good run,
But now its just my time.
Don't you cry, it'll be alright,
You just do the best you can.
And maybe somewhere down the line
I'll see you again
Don't you cry, it'll be alright,
You just do the best you can.
And maybe somewhere down the line
I'll see you again.

Three Wise Men

Written By: Harold Barnard II and John Michael Zygo

I came home to find my whole life lying in the streets.
From my Velvet Elvis to my Dale Earnhardt Sheets.
She threw me out with only 20 bucks to my name.
But my buddies know that I'm not the one to blame

Where are the boys when I need to call
They're all at the bar
And they're lining the walls

Hello Jack, Hello Johnny, Hello Jim
I don't think I've met three wiser men
Gonna go out tonight and I'll be alright
As long as I've got my friends
Hello Jack, Hello Johnny, Hello Jim

Bellied up to the bar at the end of a long hard day
I been working too much and I didn't like her anyway
Gonna drink so much that my troubles get washed away
Its friday now so I might be sober by monday

I'm sorry baby for the things that I've done
But now that you're gone me and the boys are gonna have some fun!


I'd like to thank you for inspiring this song
And I hope by now everybody's gonna sing along


A Lullaby

Written By: Harold Barnard II and John Michael Zygo

Sweet Caroline, close your eyes
Your daddy's here, don't you cry.
I'll rock you to sleep as you drift off to dream
Nothing can hurt you now while you're here with me.

I'll teach you a song, your grandpa sang to me
When the night was just too dark for me to see.

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
I know someone's watching over me
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
Send me your amazing grace
And watch over me

Rest now and dream the night away
And know I'll be here when you wake.
When you grow up you'll know what to do
When your own child comes crying to you.

You'll teach them a song
That you learned from me
When the night is just too dark for them to see


Table 23

Written By: Harold Barnard II and John Michael Zygo

With a wink of her eye and a shake of her hips,
She brings all the boys to their knees.
With her bleach-blonde hair and her red painted lips,
You know she's just aiming to please.
You might think she's trashy,
She looks alright to me.

She moves across the floor with such style and grace,
When she brings me a beer it puts a smile on my face.
She's the only girl I know that can pull off orange,
Topped with a white baby-t.
I just sit there and stare,
You sure look good to me.

You're my Hooter's girl.
I fell in love with a Hooter's girl.
Gonna tell everybody
In the whole wide world
That I'm in love with a Hooter's girl.
And she brings me things,
Like those sweet, sweet chicken wings.
What do I have to do
To get you to see
The boy over here at table 23
My Hooter's girl.

When I walk inside I take my favorite stool,
You know that when I see her I'm gonna start to drool.
I don't care if there's a brain in her head,
For a guy not to want her, he'd have to be dead.
When she walks by I get a gleam in my eye,
Thinking of how it would be.

I start to dream of the day that we'll walk hand in hand.
We'll buy a pick-up and trailer and travel the land.
You can meet my momma, you can meet my dad,
And tell him that you used to be.
That pretty little waitress,
That fell for me.


Payin' Dues

Written By: Harold Barnard II and John Michael Zygo

Chorus (acapella to start)
Payin' Dues, Payin' Dues,
I'm getting tired of payin' dues.
One big break is what I need
To show 'em all what I can do.
Til then I'm payin' dues.

When I got out of my hometown
I was bound and determined
To be as big as this old world would allow.
Since then I've spent my life
tracking down my fame and fortune,
Making my way the only way that I know how.


I've served drinks to drunks on barstools,
I've played music in the streets.
There were times I swore I was on my way.
But every time I'd get a leg up someone'd come and knock me down.
I'll be damned if down is where I'm gonna stay.


I know I've got the drive and I know I've got the passion.
That's what it takes to make a dream come true.
But every now and then I like to fall off off the wagon
While I sing a little bit of these
Working man's blues.



From the Road was released in 2006. We're working on our sophomore album right now with hopes to have it out in mid 2008. We're on rotation at a top 40 country station in Nebraska City, NE, one outside Cincinatti, OH, and one in southern OK. We're working on getting on Sirius internet radio as well.

Set List

We've got hours of original music. When we do covers its a lot of great party songs like Never Been To Spain, Mustang Sally, Brown Eyed Girl, American Pie and all the songs that any audience loves to sing along to.