Zyna Hel

Zyna Hel

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Ethereal electronic pop.


Zyna Hel is the musical solo project of award-winning, multi disciplinary artist, Elisabeth Oswell. Centred around her mesmerising vocals, Oswell makes futuristic, ethereal pop music woven with poetically potent lyrics.

Following a string of successful collaborations with Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound, Current 93), John Fryer (This Mortal Coil) and Benjamin John Power (Fuck Buttons) and after stunning audiences at ATP, The Great Escape, Wickerman and Rockaway Beach, Oswell was awarded the prestigious 'Women Make Music' fund from PRSF to record her debut album. Zyna Hel's first release is set for early 2016.


Constellation Woman

Written By: Elisabeth Oswell.

Constellation Woman

See these helium stars
Call us back beneath
I am just carbon
Animated by belief

Soon we'll become
And take over time.

Open and shaking now
I hold the blueprint of the whole world in my hand.
These bones they rock you, rock you,
And take you down.

Soon we'll become
And take over time.


'Mind Mangled Trip Monster- All Voices by Elisabeth (Zyna)- Dirter 2010

'Constellation Woman' Soundcloud release, 2014. 

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Constellation Woman

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