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Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Psychodelic Proto-Slavonic Music" says homepage - 82%"

Once I was checking Encyclopedia Metallum for news and suddenly I saw in recently submitted bands something called Zywiolak. Well, it sounded funny, so I downloaded this demo from MySpace. It took me a while to learn how to download mp3s from MySpace, but that´s another story.

So the first song of the demo „O jana kupala“ begins with that weird instrument, hurdy gurdy (or at least I think that´s hurdy gurdy), some bass guitar in the background and some folk metal drumming. Entire song is sang by a woman. You can´t hear any guitars in this album, only the bass forming background for hurdy gurdy, violins, and all other of these weird instruments that folk bands are using. But the folk melody used here is very nice, at 1min 56 seconds starts some nice folk solo. I like the song, but I think that these melodies aren´t for everyone, someone may not like them. I am from Slovakia, close to Poland, these melodies remind me of our Slovak folklore and culture.

Second one, „Dybuk“, reveals their metal side, heavy bass and man, Robert "Mroku" Wasilewski, speaking with low growly voice. And a woman sang melody that reminds me of one Slovak folkloric song, but now I am not able to figure out which one is it. I really appreciate the use of Jew's harp in this song. Those who don´t know what is Jew's harp, go google it, you are missing a part of Slavic culture.

And the last one, my very favourite, „Epopeja wandalska“. With awesome catchy folk melody this song is a kickass! And I don´t even think this song belongs to category named „metal“ by our ancestors, but it´s simply amazing. Nothing more to add here, it´s a perfect song.

This band is worth checking on MySpace (I doubt that you will find this demo in your local CD shop, and besides, why, when it´s on their MySpace site.) Although I gave it only 82%, because there are only tree songs and the quality isn´t the best. So go and check it out. - nezzmarr, May 16th, 2007



Muzyka Psychodelicznej witezianki (Psychedelic witezianka Music). Karrot
Kommando records, 2007.

Nowa Ex-Tradycja (New Ex-Tradition). Karrot Kommando records, 2008.

Nowa Mix-Tradycja (New Mix-Tradition) remix album. Karrot Kommando records,
Globalna Wiocha ("Global Village"), Karrot Kommando, 2012
Muzyka Psychoaktywnego Stolema ("Music of the Psyche-active Giant"), Karrot Kommando, to be released 2014
Obyczaje Smiertelne ("Deadly customs"), Karrot Kommando, to be released 2014/15



Zywiolak was formed in early 2005, initially as a musical duet: Robert Jaworski (a former member of bands like ich troLe and Warsaw Village Band) and Robert Wasilewski (the co-founder and guitarist of Open Folk). Almost all of 2005 saw a laborious collaboration between these two musicians, who were later joined by two female vocalists, Anna Piotrowska of the group Gocie z Nizin and Izabela Byra from Detonacja, as well as an ethnic percussion specialist, Maciej Labudzki, who was later replaced by Maciej Dymek. Iza and Ana left the band in 2011, and were replaced by Nina Nu (Monika Wierzbicka) and Kara (Karina Kumorek).

In Autumn 2014, all the band members left the group and Robert Jaworski invite

ywioaks debut is considered to be their concert at the Warsaw club Jadodajnia Filozoficzna on December 8, 2005.
The next day, the band played at the XV Midzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Ludowej Mikoajki Folkowe (XV International Folk Mikoajki Festival) in Lublin, where they were very warmly received, winning the Audience Prize.
Four months later, the band won the Polish Radios Grand Prix at the prestigious Nowa Tradycja (New Tradition) folk festival in Warsaw.

Their later successes included:
The Grand Prix at the Midzynarodowy Festiwal Gry na Instrumentach Dawnych i Byle Czym (International Festival of Ancient Instruments and Whatnot) in Starogard Gdaski.
First Prize in the Mode Wilki Rebelia (Young Wolves Rebellion) rock bands contest organised by the Warsaw club Stodoa.
Piotr Kaczkowski selected their track Oko Dybuka (Eye of the Dybbuk) for his Minimax 4 compilation CD.
Nominated for Polish Radio 3s Mateusz wicicki Music Prize in 2007 for their innovative approach to folk.
The Virtual Gusli 2009 award for the CD Nowa Ex-Tradycja (New Ex-Tradition), which was also voted best folk CD of 2008 in an Internet poll.
The song Moja Maa (My Sweetheart) appeared on the Warsaw Uprising Museums CD Gajcy in 2009.

Crucial concerts:
dz Four Cultures Festival 2007.
Heineken Opener Festival 2008.
Przystanek Woodstock Festival 2008.
Concert to promote the new CD Nowa Ex-Tradycja (New Ex-Tradition) at Stodoa club, Warsaw, 2009.
The Gajcy concert at Warsaw Uprising Museum, 2009.
Castle Party 2010.

The band has played numerous outdoor and club concerts all over Poland, promoted Polish culture in Moscow and Vienna, and toured in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania.

Robert Jaworski - voice, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, flute
Michal Stawarz - drum kit
Kamil Strzyzewski - bass guitar, electric guitar
Patrycja Zisch - voice
Olga Rembowska
- voice, medieval fiddle

Band Members