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BEST BEAT MUSIC management was founded in the year 2012 by Eric Qomarul S.sos, at that time the company's individual company (talent scout) that run from the talent and his passion for the world of entertainment. Run with tolerance and patience, making the Best Beat Music management periodically is able to create a series of famous artists who occupy top positions. At this time the BEST BEAT MUSIC management is a division of effort under the auspices of PT PUTRA KREASI PERSADA, which are also the results of the initiative of Eric Qomarul S.sos as well as supported by Noviar Irianto S.H & H. Nizammudin S.H.,M.H.

BEST BEAT MUSIC management is handled by people who are experienced in their field. This institution functioned as a supporting activity of's artistry, such as downloading the appropriate job swatch the artists talent and also provide referrals to the artist in yourself, to improve the capability of the artist, in collaboration with the press for purposes of promotion, and creating a good image.