Boomtown Film & Music Festival

Boomtown Film & Music Festival

 Beaumont, Texas, USA


Bands we've booked

Boomtown Film & Music Festival has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.

Our Venues

The visitors center offers two fantastic screening rooms and the yard of the historic home across the street has been a wonderful location for lowkey music and picnicking.

Booking: 8 bands per week

We like to utilize the Theater's beautiful auditorium for screening films while we have vendors and live music on the street during the day.

Booking: 8 bands per year


This February 16-19, 2017, come experience fiercely independent films, talented new bands, film and music panel discussion, and socialize with like-minded film, music, and art enthusiasts at the Boomtown Film & Music Festival. Our festival is an opportunity for our community to interact with the burgeoning creative spirit found in Southeast Texas. It is our hope that anyone interested in having fun while discovering new experiences, knows they are welcome, and will attend our festival.