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In an industry where it’s easy to feel voiceless and unheard, opportunities for exposure can be integral to success. As the music programmer of Dozmia, I’m happy to present you with such an opportunity. Dozmia is a startup background music company specializing in unifying the customers of businesses with artists. Not only are we interested in providing quality background music to local and nationwide businesses alike, but we’re also dedicated to variety. Though the mainstream artist will always be just that, “mainstream,” the independent musician is on the rise. For no fee at all, we’d be more than excited to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our testing phase. Though we won’t be able to offer you immediate royalties during the testing process, we’re happy to do so once the true product is put into place.

Please see Dozmia's company information on our profile page for more details.

Thank you

Ryan Alevy
Music Programmer