Exposure Explosion Fest

Exposure Explosion Fest

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Bands we've booked

Exposure Explosion Fest has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


Exposure Explosion is the new IT FACTOR and place to be! Exposure Explosion is being held out of Chicago IL & Nashville Tennessee too major music capitals of the world! EE will bring live music, custom them nights awesome food and sexy models.

EE was established in 2017 we created EE to give independent and Signed musicians, models, artists, and business the tools they need to grow their careers in one setting using the art of entertainment.

Entertainment is one of the biggest Influence's of all time . Walking through our weekly festival you could go home with a Major Record Deal, Your dream job, or one heck of a birthday bash. Not to mention we will have major stars walk though our venue (Regularly)!