100% Music Songwriting Contest 2009

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Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to submit to the 100% Music Songwriting Contest, awarding the best international songwriters. Multiple prizes will be awarded, including $2,500 cash, a Tascam DP-02 digital recorder, a Roland E-09 keyboard, and IK Multimedia workstation bundle and more./n/nThe annual 100% Music Songwriting Contest awards the best international songwriters; whether they are amateurs or professionals. With multiple prizes awarded including 400 promotional packages including 1 CD and an artist presentation pack, which are given to the artists and sent to media and music industry professionals, this is unlike any other song contest out there.


Overall winner

  • $2,500 (US) cash
  • A Tascam DP-02 digital recorder (value: $799)
  • A Total Workstation bundle from IK Multimedia value: (value: $699.99)
  • A Roland E-09 keyboard (value: $629)
  • A licence for the Blue Cat’s Master Pack plugin bundle (value: $399)
  • 1 year artist membership on MusicGorilla.com (value: $229.95)
  • A copy of EarMaster Pro 5.0 software (value: $116)
    A licence for the The Flutes pack plugin bundle from Kong
  • Audio (value: $115)
  • A 1-year artist retail account on uaRadio.net (value: $99)
  • A product of your choice from Equinox sound's product range. (value: $22 to $89)
  • A copy of Guitar Pro 5 software (value: $87)
  • A product of your choice from Producer Loops product range. (value: 16,55 € to 33,16 €)

    Total package values at over $5,700 (US)

    2nd Overall winner

    A Total Workstation bundle from IK Multimedia (value: $699.99)

  • A licence for the Blue Cat’s Analysis Pack plugin bundle (value: $254.15)
  • A Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine (value: $269.50)
  • A licence for the The Bowed Strings pack plugin bundle from Kong Audio (value: $115)
  • A copy of EarMaster Pro 5.0 software (value: $116)
  • A copy of Guitar Pro 5 software (value: $87)

    Total package values at over $1,500 (US)

    3rd Overall winner

  • A Total Workstation bundle from IK Multimedia (value: $699.99)
  • A licence for the Blue Cat’s Multi Pack plugin bundle (value: $199)
  • A copy of EarMaster Pro 5.0 software (value: $116)
  • A licence for the The Plucked Strings pack plugin bundle from IK Multimedia (value: $108)
    Total package values at over $1,100 (US)

    In addition, 400 copies of a promotional CD, including the 9 first winners’ songs will be produced at the end of the contest, along with documents presented to international music industry with the artists, with their photo, and contact details. All of these contacts have “opted in” to receive winners’ info and make the contest an incredible placement and promotional opportunity for both signed and unsigned artists. 30 copies of the CD and 30 artist presentation packs will be given to each selected artist.


    100% Music Songwriting Contest staff will choose the 10 best entries in each of the 9 categories. Those 10 entries will then go on to be judged by an external jury composed of industry and media professionals (list below).

    3 winners per category will then be chosen, as well as 3 overall winners from each first-place winner in each category. On top of that, a “Public's Choice” winner will be selected, by means of a daily vote on the contest website.

    Judges for the 2009 Edition include

  • Alexx: Logistic Records and Telegraph Label Manager
  • Philippe Besson: Parsiparla Music Publishing Company President
  • Jason Bradford: Tone Box Digital Music Distribution Company President
  • Dashiell Brown: Artist and DJ at The New Spin on 93.5 CHMR-FM
  • Jamie Chapman: Director of Music Promotion UK
  • Craig Jones: Editor of Rocklinks online magazine
  • Christophe Jubé: Label Manager at Ocean Music
  • Liz Lenten: President of Scarlet Records
  • Kevin Spector: President of Music Choice LTD TV Music channels
  • Pierre Tubbs: TV and film Songwriter and Music Producer
  • Mark Tucker: Manager at Ho-Hum Records
  • Joseph Vargo: Nox Arcana's Composer and Artist
  • Benjamin Huk - Beatboy Records Label Manager, Songwriter and DJ
  • Vero Sego - Guitarist and Songwriter
  • Brad Trew - President of Cyclone Records
  • Tom Walter: President of Kaimana Worldwide


  • Acoustic: Acoustic, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass, Country...
  • Pop/AC: Adult Contemporary, Pop
  • Rock: Rock, Classic Rock , Alternative, Goth, Metal, Punk...
  • Electronic: Electronic, Dance...
  • Blues/Jazz: Blues, Jazz
  • Soundtracks, TV, Video games: Children's Music, Classical, Contemporary Classical, New Age, Ambient, any music that can be played as a background for illustration
  • World: World, Celtic, Gospel, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Soul, etc.
  • Hip hop/R&B: Hip hop, Rap, Urban, R&B
  • Best lyrics (and music): all genres accepted, lyrics can be in any language


    All songs must be original. “Professional” recordings are not a submission requirement, and all songs will receive the same consideration. Lyrics will not be taken into consideration as the contest is international, except in the Best Lyrics (and music) category where lyrics may be in any language. Entry fees are $15 (US) per entry. Entrants may submit as many songs as they wish, 1 song may be entered into several categories and several songs may be entered into the same category.

    Read more about Marianne Allison, who entered by using Sonicbids last year and won the folk category by clicking here.