(914) Music Management & Consulting (Jul-Sept 08)

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(914) Music Management & Consulting is a boutique entertainment firm located in the New York metropolitan area. The firm focuses on exclusive, professional career management of artists, bands, producers, songwriters, and other entertainment professionals.

(914) Music hopes to provide their clients with career advisement, counseling, and support to ensure prolonged and successful professional careers in the entertainment industry. They accomplish their mission through two specific avenues of support and guidance:


  • Assist artists in seeking an agreement with a record company and/or record distribution company
  • Provide artists with exclusive personal management of their careers
  • Assist in the preparation and coordination of demonstration tapes/ DVDs and live and/or showcase performances, and promotion of both live and recorded concert events
  • Assist Artists in securing publishing and/ or administration agreements for their catalog(s)
  • Assist Artists in securing distribution of career-oriented merchandise
  • Assist Artists in securing product endorsements of musical and non-musical equipment and/or goods
  • Assist Artists in securing online distribution of recorded and/or written compositions through third-party entities


    (914) Music also offers non-exclusive consulting services for artists and industry professionals, which are available on a case-by-case basis. Their staff is comprised of experienced agents and attorneys who can assist you as much or as little as needed.