A-B-A-C-A Entertainment Group Seeking: CHILL/LOUNGE To License

Posted by:  A-B-A-C-A Entertainment Group / A-B-A-C-A Music Publishing Inc. / A-B-A-C-A Records Ltd.


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While we are an established independent record label and music publishing company in our own right, we also offer representation services to bands/artists seeking foreign distribution, licensing, sub-publishing, record label deal and/or touring opportunities overseas while we are working with industry during the year.

Recently, our company has been contracted to source out new Chill/Lounge music for an associate, who is producing a series of compilation recordings in their "Mystique" series, the first two releases being "Global Mystique" and "Celtic Mystique", which are presently being distributed throughout Western Europe and S.E. Asia. (We have successfully collaborated on several projects in the past. Note also that our associate was formerly a distributor for over 25+ years, known as Midsummer Distributing, which sold over the company label and artist distribution catalogue to "Solitudes" in the mid 90's. They have since created a new label with activities spent mainly in licensing and online digital distribution aggregation.)

They are planning a Chill/Lounge release in this series and are seeking tracks (with or without vocals) that are NOT too far in the direction of commercial pop, soul or R & B (no electronica please). Tracks can feature influences from various cultures throughout the world, but it is not a requirement.

The project will be promoted to record companies around the world, with the first major push planned for MIDEM in January, 2006. Therefore, there must be no restrictions, time or otherwise, on associate's rights, or the rights of its distributors/agents, to market the compilation, either directly to consumers, to distributors or through licensees. We prefer to use tracks containing compositions that are owned by the artist or party who is submitting the tracks, and prefers tracks that are not registered with any mechanical rights agency. However, exceptions can be made if a suitable arrangement can be struck between our associate and the composition owner. Note that there will be no advance paid. However, they are very fair in their dealings with track owners, generally splitting compilation license revenues equally with the track contributors as well as providing the contributors a reasonable portion of its revenue from its sales of finished product.

If you have music tracks that you believe may be relevant and are interested in having one or more of them included in this project, ABACA is now accepting submissions.