A Better World – ‘Songs For A Better Planet’ Compilation CD

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Now you can submit songs that aren't in your EPK!

'We can use our voice to change the world, There is magic in our words …'
The ‘Association of Artists for a Better World’, a non-profit organization devoted to improving our planet through artistic expression, is now accepting submissions for our second compilation CD called ‘Songs for A Better Planet’. We will put artists in touch with issues, and put media and press in touch with our artists. The single most significant factor to the success of an emerging artist is industry exposure. We have the ears of the world.

10 Winners Get World-Wide Exposure including Distribution, Publicity, Promotion, and Recognition

TEN selected artists will be featured on the CD, publication date early 2005, given full liner credits including contact and website information, plus the following:

'Songs for A Better Planet' will be distributed for airplay to over 200 radio stations in our global pipeline located throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, including Internet stations; and review copies distributed to selected major publications and music journalists for review in their publications.

Although there are no guarantees, it is reasonable to expect the CD to get airplay around the world, and reviewed in music publications and Ezines. It is also reasonable to expect you will get requests for your CDs from interested DJ’s and journalists who like your tune. It is customary for DJs / stations to send playlists directly to artists. (See **About the Producer Below**)

Artists can receive royalties for airplay if their songs are registered with SOCAN (or appropriate agency in your area.)

Artists will be included and named on our website, press releases, and all CD related publicity and promotion as applicable

Every time the CD is played or reviewed, industry and media people will hear your music and your name

Artists will be supplied with 10 CDs for their own sale and promotion

CDs will be supplied for direct sale through 'New Songs For Peace'

Distribution and International Sales will promoted by Indiepool, and catalogued in their international album data base.

Songs are accepted from all musical genres based on themes of ‘peace’ – can be any connotation of peace, such as inner peace or world peace, or tell us what ‘peace’ means to you. Funds raised from CD sales are given to ‘New Songs For Peace’, which is a charity endorsed by UNESCO. Please visit our website for more details.

**About the Producer’s Established Track Record for Global Musical Accomplishment ** ‘Songs for A Better Planet’ will be produced and marketed by Canadian singer/songwriter recording artist Brian Gladstone, who has a proven track record for successful musical promotions. Brian has become well-recognized and established throughout the global music community. Gladstone’s three albums have all received critical acclaim and extensive global airplay on five continents; including top 50 charts in many countries; have been reviewed and interviewed in over 90 publications in the last four years, (including the cover story of Folkwax Magazine ‘Create Your Own Scene – From Basement Demo to World Wide Airplay and Recording Deal in Three Years; signed with Silverwolf Records; and much more. In addition to artistic achievements and endeavors, Brian Gladstone is highly involved with innovative activities to improve the quality of world including Founder and Director of the Winterfolk Festival in Toronto www.winterfolk.com ; Founder of ‘Folksingers for Peace’ ; Organizer and Director of the ‘Concert for Earthday Canada’ series ; and Innovator and Founder of ‘A Better World.’ For more information on the music accomplishments of Brian Gladstone, visit the website at www.backtothedirt.com