AF Radio - Specializing in Positive Music (Mar-Jun 09)

Posted by:  Evolution Marketing / Acoustic Fuel


This gig is not currently accepting applications. We think you might like these similar gigs.


a·cous·tic(e-koo stik): Of or relating to sound, the sense of hearing

fu·el(fyoo'el): Something consumed to produce energy

Acoustic Fuel is audio that takes you where you want to go. We promote a healthy mindset by way of positive audio. Visit to check out the music. We are now accepting submissions for the following categories:

  • Stimulation Station - Music for Feeling Up Beat (Feel Good Music).
  • Creative Commons - Music for Creativity.
  • A Calm Place - Music for Relaxation.
  • On Top of the World -Music for Motivation and Empowerment.
  • Utopia - Music for Peace and Unity.

Submission that are offensive in any manner, contain negative lyrics, or promote violence will not be accepted. Mastered-Like quality recordings ONLY. Must Be 100% original; no covers or samples. No demos.

Selected artists will be featured on one or more of the following:

  • AF Radio
  • AF Blog
  • AF Podcast

Selected artists will also be considered for AF To-Go (Acoustic Fuel's Digital Download Store).