Ausuree Entertainment's WAKE-UP! Compilation CD

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Ausuree Entertainment Group, a Florida-based Urban Inspirational multimedia entity, is now accepting submissions for the WAKE – UP! CD compilation from independent and/or unsigned artists. The objective of the WAKE – UP! Compilation is to showcase original music by independent and unsigned artists whose message is one of truth and deliverance. For this compilation, you have to come correct – you have to come hardcore. We want it grimy; because sometimes, you have to speak the language if you want to be heard! However, no profanity will be accepted.

Ausuree Entertainment Group, founded in 2006, is a premier Urban Inspirational multi-media conglomerate devoted to developing quality entertainment ranging from music to drama, and from literature to screenplays. The body of Ausuree Entertainment Group is uniquely positioned within the industry and consists of an eclectic mix of musicians, songwriters, lyricists, poets, authors, artists and producers. Their entertainment is divinely inspired, personally motivational and family-oriented. It has been devised to cover many genres and to include as many multi-media outlets as possible. Their focus recognizes no boundaries as they reach out to all types of people in all walks of life. With a spirit of excellence, Ausuree Entertainment Group strives to ensure that your entertainment experience is fulfilling. Ausuree Entertainment Group: For Spirit. For Soul. For Life.

Up to fifteen (15) slots are reserved for Sonicbids artists – five (5) of which will be selected to participate at no additional expense (see participation fees below). Accepted genre’s include: Holy Hip-Hop, Urban Gospel, Nu-Gospel (Neo-Soul), Spoken Word, Rhythm & Praise, Contemporary Christian and Dancehall/Reggaeton. Submissions must be sample free, may not contain any profanity, and must be of a professional sound quality. Participation on the WAKE - UP! CD compilation is on a non-exclusive basis and selected artists must own the rights to the material being submitted.

This compilation will be available exclusively from Ausuree Entertainment Group to select venues, contemporary/youth ministries, publications and radio stations. Selected artist will receive ten (10) copies of the CD for their personal use/distribution; additional copies can be obtained at cost. In addition, there will be a strong web presence on the Ausuree Entertainment Group web site (, Soundclick and My Space. Links to the selected artists will be placed on each page as well.

Please note: If you are submitting material for consideration and inclusion on this compilation, you are acknowledging that there is a participation fee of $175; and that if selected, you agree to pay said fee. This fee has been established to cover marketing and promotions; whereas, Ausuree Entertainment Group will act in the capacity of non-exclusive agent for the purposes of marketing and promoting this CD. Ausuree Entertainment Group will select five (5) artists to be “featured” on the CD with the $175 fee waived. Featured artists will be selected at the discretion of Ausuree Entertainment Group.