Afrobeat Cafe, Volume 2

Posted by:  Afrikool Music Productions


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The Afrobeat Café Series is the brainchild of Afro-Pop artist and founder of Afrikool Music Productions, Alain Nkossi Konda, originally from the DR of Congo. The versatile singer, songwriter, guitarist & talented producer called on his good friend, Contemporary Jazz guitar virtuoso and Nightcast recording artist Jim Savitt, to collaborate on the first volume of what is to become a 9 album compilation CD series. We are currently searching for artists to take part in the second volume.

The brand new series was created as a way of introducing a global audience to unfamiliar music and exotic sounds inside a fictitious café, while featuring undiscovered talent from various cultures. Our two central goals are to erect a natural, musical bridge between cultures and to establish Afrobeat Café, which to date has sold upwards of 4,800 units worldwide, as a hip brand name known for producing music of the highest quality. Each album will take listeners on a spiritual journey in seemingly uncharted waters.

Volume 1, titled Afro-Club Mixes, is a very visual record guaranteed to take you on an exotic journey around the world as you get your groove on. The studio band Inko/Neido Tribe bring a fresh, worldly 21st Century approach to programming and mixing by adding sounds which are unique yet familiar to each and every listener, thereby making the audience feel a part of the whole celebration. A conscience effort has been made to play real instruments in combination with various ethnocentric, pre-programmed loops.

Volume 2 will receive an initial pressing of 1,000 copies, with an additional 500 units being made for promotional purposes and will be released in 2007 by Munich, Germany based company MDM Music Marketing & Distribution.

Partners and Sponsors of the Afrobeat Café Series include: Beyerdynamic, Yamaha, Behringer, Magix,, Savitech Studios NYC, Koolwave Entertainment GmbH, Third Wave Entertainment LLC and Afrikool Music Productions. Guests of the café, in addition to Jim Savitt, include German Artist Mr. Uwe Tabatt from Berlin.

20% of all revenue generated from submissions for the Afrobeat Café Series will be donated to charity.

All artists appearing on the compilation will receive appropriate royalties from CD sales, but please note that there is an additional $150 fee to appear on the CD. This fee will help to cover manufacturing and promotional costs.

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