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Alexa Digital Radio is a non-commercial, Internet radio station that plays music from top quality indie artists around the clock. Those selected artists with videos may have one of their videos posted on the home page of the Alexa Digital Radio website and in their MySpace group, which currently has over 6,500 members.

The main audience age is between 25 and 45. The music sought compares favorably to that found on current hit radio stations in large metropolitan areas and on today's Billboard charts. Alexa offers airplay for top-notch musicians in the following genres:

  • modern rock/metal (no "classic rock")
  • alternative/punk
  • pop
  • hip-hop
  • contemporary R&B (no "classic R&B", no jazz, no blues)
  • acoustic (no country)

When evaluating a submission, they check for all of the following:

  • interesting songs/material
  • solid musicianship
  • good vocals
  • quality recordings

If selected and you choose to submit a video, the video must be of good quality. Alexa prefers professionally produced music videos over non-professional videos. However, if a video of a great performance is recorded clearly and without distractions, it may be used.

To listen to the station and watch examples of the artist videos, visit their website.