All American Superstar Competition

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Wish you had a chance to gain 3.4 million new fans? Want to be featured in more than 4,720,000 magazines in six months? Want to be included on 600,000 CDs? That’s what you get as a contestant in the All American Superstar contest if you’re selected.

Artists will also be featured on the All American Superstar website, which processed more than 100,000 votes in the last six months, and be included in e-mail marketing blasts to over 200,000 professional drivers.

Selected artists will also be included as a guest on a regular radio show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, which has more than 5.1 million subscribers What about hearing your song on a driver hotline that receives 20,000 calls per month? Do you want to see your video displayed on a system that reaches more than 300,000 drivers? You could see your image on more than 1,240 documents that drivers utilize throughout the country.

The Competition

The All American Superstar competition delivers quality entertainment directly to the trucking industry – more specifically, to drivers who spend 10 hours per day in the cab of their truck with music as their primary form of entertainment. Distributed monthly with a popular trucking trade publication, the All American Superstar entertainment CD is a compilation of musical artists, comedians, and trucking messaging. The spotlight is on the music – the program features 12 contestants vying for the title of the All American Superstar.

Coupled with the judges’ votes, the men and women who drive our nation's business are in charge of the votes - via Internet, TripPak ballot, call-in, and more. That’s right – professional drivers listen to the program right in the cab of their truck and then cast their vote for their favorite musical performer.

The Exposure

There is a new show each month, and 100,000 free copies of each compilation CD are distributed to drivers throughout the country. That's 600,000 free CDs, delivered directly to drivers, in just six months! Best of all, no one gets “voted out” - all 12 contestants remain in the entire contest, with six semi-finalists showcased in the final month.

Working with SIRIUS Satellite Radio,, 1-800 Drivers, IdleAire

Technologies, TripPak, and more, the All American Superstar competition dominates the trucking industry as the number one way to get noticed.

A company in the trucking industry sponsors each contestant. In addition to the overall promotion of the show, each contestant receives exposure opportunities from their sponsor company. Most of the companies are participating in the program to boost their driver recruitment efforts. Others are promoting a product or service to the industry.

To drive votes for their contestant, sponsor companies promote the program within their organization at local, state, and national levels through print advertising, direct mail, Internet banners, and other mediums. In addition, contestants interact directly with drivers at two industry events – the Mid-America Trucking Show, which is the largest truck show in the country, and during an event hosted by the sponsor company.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio serves as the radio partner for the program, hosting a weekly show that highlights the artists and their sponsor companies. Boasting more than 5.1 million subscribers, SIRIUS is a favorite among drivers. Artists are interviewed on-air and have the opportunity to speak directly to the drivers responsible for determining their success in the contest and their career.

IdleAire Technologies, whose spokesperson is country music giant Trace Adkins, also plays an active role in promoting the program. Drivers utilize the IdleAire system to heat and cool their trucks without idling. The system also allows drivers to access the Internet, television, on-demand movies, and more. With close to 300,000 drivers in its network, IdleAire provides a voting mechanism through their system and gives drivers a direct link to behind-the-scenes information about the contestants.

American Graphics Group is the print partner. Collectively, the publications of American Graphics Group reach more than 785,000 consumers per month. During the six-month competition, advertising for the All American Superstar contest in this group of publications appears in close to 5 million magazines.

Be a Contestant

The third round of competition kicks off January 1, 2007 and runs through June 30, 2007. All 12 contestants will perform live, in concert, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, which in 2006 boasted more than 80,000 attendees. The contestant who claims the title of the All American Superstar will be a featured act at the Great American Trucking Show, in Dallas, Texas, which had more than 45,000 drivers in attendance in 2006.

Mandatory Dates Include:

  • November 27 - 29, 2006 • Nashville, Tennessee • Photo shoot and studio time

  • March 22 - 23, 2007 • Louisville, Kentucky • Mid-America Trucking Show

  • One other date at the sponsor's discretion (January 2007 - June 2007)

  • Winner only - August 23 - 24, 2007 • Dallas, Texas • The Great American Trucking Show

  • Winner will be a featured act

  • Requirements for Submission and Consideration:

  • Photography – headshots for website posting for sponsor selection

  • Two original, commercial quality songs to be used by All American Superstar in gratis

  • Availability on mandatory dates

  • Two original tracks to be included on up to two for-sale compilation CDs in gratis