Allure Media Entertainment (May-Aug 09)

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Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with field offices in New York and Los Angeles, Allure Media Entertainment Group, Inc. is a well connected artist management & consulting firm guiding and developing the careers of signed, unsigned, and independent artists at various levels of development.

For over 26 years, Allure (formally Gallant Night Productions) has provided professional representation, independent consulting, artist development, music promotion, marketing & publicity services for solo artists, songwriters and bands spanning multiple genres.

A music industry powerhouse with some of the strongest contacts in the industry since 1983 adapting to the constant changes in the recording and music business, Allure Media Entertainment has proven success and is dedicated to advancing the careers of independent artists and bands. Allure maintains associations with some of the record industry’s top professional record producers, national publicists, music attorneys, radio promoters, distribution outlets, booking agencies, and more, and utilizes the affiliations to the fullest in the quest to promote their artists.

They Are Currently Seeking Unsigned and Independent Artists for Consideration at Any Level of Development That Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Artists that are intentional and on fire for what they want
  • Artists that have adequate time and ambition to make things happen
  • Artists that have a strong commercial sound with hit potential
  • Artists that have a look and memorable image that’s marketable
  • Artists that have a sincere desire to focus on creative and realistic development including songwriting, image, recording and live performance
  • Bands and artists that have shown some relative success on their own including a large fan base, tour history, some independent record sales, and have a story and history already established
  • Artists that are realistic and understand that there is a need for publicity, product marketing, advertising, legal, recording initiatives, and have a budget put aside to facilitate these marketing efforts
  • Artists that willing to leave the promotion and business end of their career to industry professionals and focus on their craft.

Allure has not only helped many artists attract the attention of major & independent labels, but works with independent artists to help them achieve success in their own right and with their own record label. They also facilitate production deals, publishing deals and song placement with licensing for film/TV.

Allure’s job as an artist’s manager, promoter, consultant and professional representative is to help the artist create a solid and marketable independent foundation while properly developing, preparing and making certain the artist is really ready for the big time. Allure’s core focus is to create such a buzz for their artists that the labels take notice and are actually the ones to make the first approach.

The Philosophy at Allure is Simple; The artist needs to focus on and maintain creative integrity so they can be totally effective as an artist, songwriter and performer. Artists need to leave the business, promotion, development and marketing to music business professionals.

Please Note:
All submitting artists must be unsigned in order to be eligible for this program.

Our List of Industry Associates is Endless – Here Are Just a Few:


David Ivory Grammy™ Nominated (The Roots-Epic records, Halestorm-Atlantic Records, Silvertide – formally Sony/BMG, Erykah Badu, Patti LaBelle)

Joe Mattis (Former Island and Polygram Radio Promotion)
(The Cranberries, U2, Steve Cornell)

Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Ten Years, Copper, Thoroughfare)

Greg Howe (Shrapnell Records, Tone Center Records)


Simon Rosen, Esq. (Cassidy, John Legend David Krebs-Former AreoSmith Management)

Chipster P/R (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath)