AMG Record Label Demo Shopping

Posted by:  AlphaMusicGroup


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"Never send a press kit unsolicited. Unsolicited means that you found the name and address of an A & R representative or record label and sent your demo to them without their permission. Sending an unsolicited press kit to a record label simply doesn't work and your press kit could end up in the trash. A great plan, therefore, is to do everything you can to make an unsolicited demo become solicited." – AMG

AMG can solicit your press kit for you – guaranteed. With our solid music industry connections, AMG offers a program for qualified artists/bands ready to shop their demo. This program is also open to music managers or music attorneys looking to get their artists heard by record label executives.

As this program is VERY exclusive, AMG will choose one (1) sonicbids member, free of charge, per quarter (every 3 months). All other selected artists may purchase the service for $450. We will also post the winner on our website for additional exposure!

1) The first step is to audition through Sonicbids. AMG chooses one artist or band per quarter to receive a free demo submissions program valued at $450 for 3 labels. The AMG Demo Submissions Program is highly selective. Ultimately, we are looking for great music.

2) If you are accepted into our Demo Submissions Program, you move on to Step 3. If we cannot assist you in the Demo Submission Program, we recommend an AMG Music Consultation to help you get to the next level. Visit our website or write us at for our input and suggestions. We are happy to give you advice.

3) If you are selected into the AMG Demo Submissions Program we congratulate you - this is one of our most prestigious programs. AMG selects only the best and most ready talent. A complete AMG Press Kit Program is included in the Demo Submission Package to shop your very best presentation. AMG will write your cover letter, biography & one-sheet. As part of the AMG Demo Submissions Program, AMG uses custom letterhead, business envelopes, business folders, business cards etc. to submit your demo in a slick and professional format. AMG will contact each A & R Representative on your behalf and obtain permission to solicit. Once solicitation (permission) is obtained - we will notify you in writing (via email) and send your demo to the solicited record label. We guarantee solicitation. In approximately two weeks, AMG conducts a follow up phone call to the Record Label A & R Representatives to make sure your demo was received. We will report any feedback to you at that time. AMG takes pride in every member of our demo submissions program and we will work hard for you or your manager (one-on-one) to reach your goals.