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Are you tired of playing the same local bar circuit? Do you want an effective way to market your band to thousands of potential fans in Central Virginia? How many promo packs have you sent to radio stations, venues, and colleges in your area? How many polite rejection letters/emails have you received, or for that matter, who really bothered replying to your efforts at all? It’s a fact in this business that most venues, promoters, and station programmers refuse to deal with the artists directly. Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to us, either! As we see it, your music, your image and your band belong to YOU, why shouldn’t they talk to you directly? Alas, we’ll probably never know the reason, but don’t be sad! AMPä is guaranteed to bring you good news and it has nothing to do with car insurance!

Anima Mundi Productions ( is a Central Virginia Booking Agency servicing musicians who are local to the area or regularly tour through Central Virginia. We have several artists on our roster, including Green Eggs and Sam, Pennyshaker, and Boogiedok to name a few. AMPä is a well-known music brand in the Central Virginia market, having developed a name for ourselves and the artists we represent. We recently re-opened our doors for new artists to join the roster, and the rush to join has been outstanding. And in response, we’ve cooked up a great plan for promoting the artists we represent. The latest AMPä brainchild is a compilation project titled: TBA-AMPä Music vol. 1.

We were searching for 13 artists to be featured on this compilation. To date we’ve secured 8. That means we have FIVE open slots for this compilation, and guess what!?!! We’re reserving that space for FIVE lucky Sonicbids users! The following list of services is what you’ll get if you’re chosen to represent AMPä on this compilation CD:

You’ll receive 100 copies of the Compilation Album. You can sell them for a profit, toss them at your fans during shows, throw them off buildings, whatever YOU want; they belong to you!

We’ll also send you 6 promotional posters to use for displays in your local music store, college bookstore, etc. to promote the Compilation CD.

Inclusion on the front page of the AMPä website, which receives over 400 unique visitors each month.

We'll create a detailed biography page on the AMPä website for your band that will include MP3 links and a current calendar.

Free music reviews by our Staff and Street Team members. You’ll receive valuable insight on your music delivered by industry professionals!

You’ll get airplay on our affiliate Internet radio station: Dumont Radio (

Guaranteed airplay on FOUR major stations, two of which are Clear Channel Stations as well: WROV (Roanoke/Lynchburg), WNRN (Charlottesville/Lynchburg), WRIR (Richmond), 102.1 The X (Richmond).

Inclusion on the AMPä Music Roster, and an all-inclusive booking agreement with AMPä.

The Compilation CD will be distributed to several radio stations, venues, and area colleges in Central Virginia as a free promotional disk. That means that several thousands of potential fans are going to hear your music, love it, quit their jobs and go on tour with you! Hey, it’s a McDonald’s world, it could happen!

All jokes aside, AMPä is offering you a double whammy of service here! We’ll distribute your music under the umbrella security of a respected industry name and provide the booking negotiations on your behalf! How about that for peace of mind? All you have to worry about is showing up and playing!

If you’re ready to jump-start your band on the fast track to super stardom, then submit your EPK today!

If you have any questions, visit our website at