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LONG SHOT ENTERTAINMENT was founded on the wild idea that the world is filled with captivating storytellers who deserve to be heard.  If you are a storyteller, actor or musician who is looking to get music placed in movies and TV. Our films are for the people, funded by the people who love diverse, messy and beautiful projects made with passion (and tiny budgets). Now with the power of crowdfunding, we are charting a different path and finding innovative ways to raise money to produce content. This is a great opportunity to expand your fanbase and build relationships in the film world. 

The Opportunity

Long Shot Entertainment is just getting started and is in preproduction for "Cube Farm", a romantic comedy that will be filmed in June 2020 in the Seattle/Tacoma area. We are looking to use 10 songs in the film. Please note that we are looking for a specific sound/tone for each scene. This is an opportunity for all artists no matter if you're local, regional or a touring artist, we're just looking for good music that fits the vibe of the movie.

The Band

  •  We're looking for a wide range of eclectic and interesting music
  • We're currently looking for high energy pop/punk, instrumental techno, 
  • techno country,  dance club music with a country kickbase heavy funk, 70's guitar funk, light upbeat pop, depressing moody vocals,
  • heavy horns, instrumentals, indie pop, garage rock
  • Acts applying must have a studio version of songs that are mixed and mastered
  • We're looking for unsigned and indie acts

We're looking for tons and tons of music, whether your a bedroom producer or a garage band making analog music, we want to hear it all!

The Gig

 While it is possible that exposure in our production will increase your music’s value, as an ‘ultra low budget’ we can't pay much on our small
We will still have a small payment and bands will hopefully benefit from the additional exposure.
Payment TBD upon booking your music
This payout will occur within 90 days of the completion of principal photography/production. 
Your music’s copyright(s) remain with you so you could benefit from the increased exposure to your sound.   


  • Compensation Amount: Up to $300.00


Apply by Feb 29, 2020

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