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Covertown represents The Best cover songs for sync licensing in TV, film, commercials and video games across the world. We're now adding new songs to our catalog to pitch to music supervisors for projects in 2020. We're accepting all styles, all genres, all languages, instrumentals or with vocals. We're most interested in unique takes on familiar favorites.

The Opportunity

Getting your music placed in TV, film, commercials, and video games can be ground-breaking for emerging artists. Depending on the placement, the exposure alone can propel your career and sync royalties are a handy bonus.  Covertown synching is responsible for placing some of your favorite cover songs in your favorite TV, commercials and video games. It requires masterful track selection and an array of licensing agreements before it appears on your screen. We're help bridge the gap between musicians and the sync world.
If sync sounds like a good option for you and your band or you’re interested in
expanding your audience now is the time to apply!

The Band

We're looking for covers of ALL GENRES
We're accepting music for musicians of ALL AGES
We're looking for artists from all regions worldwide
All bands applying must have mixed and mastered, professional sounding audio
We're looking for indie and unsigned acts

The Gig

We help guide artists through complex sync licensing paperwork and clearance

We help sync licensing music in TV shows, video games, films, trailers, interactive media

We're a well-respected agency that's a trusted worldwide sync agency 

We help artists retain a huge % of your sync licensing revenue earnings

Payment is based on a sync to sync basis and all deals are different

We work closely with clients, broadcasters, filmmakers & music supervisors across the USA the rest of the world.


Apply by Jan 31, 2020

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