A & R Tip Sheet Special Edition - Unsigned Teen Talent

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The AMG National A & R Tip Sheet brings the best, unsigned talent to the attention of 1,950 A & R reps in the U.S. The AMG National A & R Tip Sheet - Special Edition is a quarterly publication that focuses on a specific brand. The Summer 2006 Special Edition for the A & R Tip Sheet - is Unsigned Teen Talent or any artist/band under the age of 20!

*What is a Tip Sheet?

A & R reps use a tip-sheet from a reputable source because it is a convenient way to scout. Currently, The AMG National A & R Tip Sheet is the most successful tip-sheets in the industry. It is published electronically and set directly to 1, 950 A & R Reps, hundreds of music managers, film and TV professionals. Approximately 500 A & R representatives from major labels open the tip-sheet on the very first day it goes out.

*What labels use the Tip Sheet?

Music Industry executives from the following major labels consistently read our tip-sheet each month: Atlantic, Capitol, Bad Boy Entertainment, Bar-None, Capitol,

Columbia, Curb, Def Jam, Dreamworks, EMI, Epic, Interscope, Jive, Koch, Lava, Maverick, NoneSuch, SonyBMG, Sony Nashville, TVT Records, Wind-up, Warner Music Group. This list does not include the hundreds of A & R reps from independent labels that read our Tip Sheet every month. Also, many labels have more than one A & R representative that use our Tip Sheet. For instance, we have many representatives from Universal Records that read our Tip Sheet.

*What does the Tip Sheet look like?

Each Tip Sheet includes a full-color photo of you or your band, a brief biography, a list of your accomplishments and an instant radio stream of your best song! The A & R representative is able to hear your music instantly. This feature is unique to the AMG National A & R Tip-Sheet. Most importantly, each Tip Sheet also includes a contact button to request your full demo package.

*What is your success rate?

We post the results directly on our website!! To see the success of the Tip Sheet and the artists who have received requests from record labels, please visit our ARTIST page at www.alphamusicgroup.com. Even the artists/ bands that do not receive a request for their complete demo package receive enormous industry exposure and professional PR!! For example, one band on our roster used our Tip Sheet twice. The first time, they did not receive a request for their demo, but they were viewed by hundreds of A & R reps. The second time they used our Tip Sheet, they received requests from Def Jam, Columbia and Epic Records!

*How does the Special Edition Tip Sheet work?

All auditions are listened to carefully. We are very serious about your music. Each artist receives our full attention and your EPK will be listened to many times prior to making a decision. We are looking for 12 artists or bands for this Special Edition Tip Sheet, which will be focused on Young or Teen Talent. AMG works exclusively with Sonicbids, so all 12 artists or bands will are reserved for Sonicbids artists. We are looking for the best of the best. Ultimately, we think the most important part of your audition is your music. Artists and/or bands that have great songs are encouraged to apply as the radio stream makes your song instantly heard by the music industry. In addition to your great music, we are looking for those artists who tour, have great reviews, or an interesting biography. We are looking for accomplishments that will set you apart from other artists/bands. We want to hear your music even if you are new to the industry! Give it a shot!

*How is the Tip Sheet distributed?

We do not use bulk mail. Our email system is designed to use software that sends each email one at a time so the tip-sheet will not be blocked. We do not spam. Every

A & R Representative has chosen to receive our Tip Sheet.

*What happens if I get a request for my demo?

Should an A & R rep from a major label or an independent label request your demo, you will be contacted immediately via email or phone. This is what we call a "direct solicitation." When a record label asks for your demo...It is the best kind of solicitation you can receive. You will need to overnight your demo and a photo for each direct solicitation you receive. We will write your cover letter, bio, press sheet and one-sheet. Your demo will be packaged professionally with our solicitation code to the label that requested it. We will forward the name of the A & R rep as well as the complete contact information for your records. If you have management, your manager may send the demo instead.

*I have more questions, who can I contact?

We understand that you may have more questions about our Special Edition Tip Sheet or the Tip Sheet process. Please feel free to email us at info@alphamusicgroup.com and your questions will be answered promptly.