WBAI Artsy Fartsy Show Battle of the Bands

Posted by:  WBAI 99.5FM


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The Artsy Fartsy Show, WBAI 99.5FM-NYC and Arlene's Grocery bring a new kind of battle to the Lower East Side with the WBAI Artsy Fartsy Battle of the Bands.

Seven bands will compete in this competition and fundraiser for WBAI at Arlene’s Grocery on Sunday, April 22nd at 5pm. The Battle of the Bands also brings a artistic element with performance acts in-between sets and audience prizes with an artistic angle.

Bands of a variety of genres are encouraged to submit to this opportunity. All music performed must be original music, and the band must own all of the copyrights to the songs.

Selected Bands will be announce via twittercast. Follow @artsyfartsyshow

Prizes Include:

  • A weekend opening slot on another night at Arlene’s Grocery

  • Live performance spots on WBAI’s Artsy Fartsy Show (for the winner and first runner up)

  • Weekday music block shows (such as Underground Railroad, Thump and Growl, Mala Vida)

  • Gift certificates to music stores (for the second runner up)

  • Gift certificate - BoB Band Bonus Award- For the Band that brings the Most Fans (this award may be given in addition to any placement awards)

About the Artsy Fartsy Show:

Artsy Fartsy Show provides a diverse, youthful voice, fulfilling an art void by providing off-beat, sophisticated and interactive news and entertainment for audiences and artists through radio, online media and performance curation. It believes in the curiosity and intelligence of its audience by committing to the prospect of promoting art as a universal, egalitarian, and inclusive necessity. Artsy Fartsy Show gathers arts-related topic discussions and collaborates performances with artists (obscure, emerging to the world-renowned).


Artsy Fartsy Show is a unique arts project in the mediums of radio, media and performance curation. There are no radio programs on Public or commercial radio that have AFS’ unique youthful perspective of presenting sophisticated information with a community radio feel.

In addition to its radio program, Artsy Fartsy Show will develop online applications through the utilization of mobile media which will allow audiences to interact with guests through live interviews and free symposia will be offered for professional artistic growth. Thirdly, Artsy Fartsy Show has curatorial performance events such as AF Sessions, a curated music concert series and other live events (theatre, film, dance) across the country.

Artsy Fartsy Show fulfills the mission of connecting and introducing artists with a broader audience base it may not have reached without AFS.

About WBAI:

For more than 50 years, WBAI 99.5FM has been the legendary leader in listener-sponsored, non-commercial community radio, serving the New York tri-state area. The station is home to Democracy Now! and radio luminaries such as Polk Award winner, Robert Knight, host of Five O'clock Shadow; Hugh Hamilton (Talkback!) and Earl Caldwell (The Caldwell Chronicles). WBAI is the only carrier of Al Jazeera-English in the tri-State area. Operating from its 50,000-watt broadcast tower atop the Empire State Building and studios at 120 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, WBAI 99.5FM delivers an eclectic range of cutting-edge programming to audiences across the five boroughs and into parts of upstate New York, as well as neighboring Connecticut, New Jersey and as far south as Delaware. In addition, WBAI streams and archives on www.wbai.org.

About Arlene’s Grocery:

Arlene's Grocery (yes, it was a grocery) opened it's doors in 1995 - breaking ground in the then treacherous Lower East Side. Upcoming bands flocked to the seedy neighborhood to experience the sonic beauty of the smaller 150-capacity room which played host to garage rock, punk, and bohemian newcomers, such as Jeff Buckley.

In the late 1990s the club branched into the butcher shop next door and became two rooms under one roof. As the neighborhood gentrified around them, the Lower East Side became the hub of NYC rock. The club hired a Live Rock N Roll Karaoke band who became an instant hit in the city, attracting New Yorkers and tourists from all over the globe to catch a glimpse of celebrities, such as Moby, belting out AC/DC. Shortly after, Arlene's garnered more attention - becoming home to The Strokes, and then booking a residency by The Bravery, which would land the band a deal, and propel them to fame.

As a handful of live music clubs pop up (and down) around the area, Arlene's holds fast to its intention of nurturing unsigned bands; its attention to the highest quality sound; and remaining an institution in the NYC rock scene.