Babysitter Wanted - Song Licensing for Horror Film

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In the tradition of "Rosemary's Baby" and "When a Stranger Calls", Babysitter Wanted is a heart stopping horror thrill ride filled with unexpected twists and blood chilling terror.

Babysitter Wanted will pay a flat license fee of $600.00 for use of the selected song in the film, in all media, in advertising and on any soundtrack. Additionally, performance royalties will be paid on any broadcast and standard record and mechanical royalties will paid for use on the soundtrack. Distribution for the soundtrack will be secured after post production is completed.

Babysitter Wanted will be released in the United States by Lionsgate.


Attractive but sheltered, Angie Albright (SARAH THOMPSON) is excited to finally leave her strict religious household to attend college. Angie soon discovers that there are far worse threats to worry about than a messy dorm room. Angie learns about the recent disappearance of a female college student and the horrific murder of another girl one town over and grows increasingly paranoid that someone may be following her around campus.

Angie is pleasantly surprised to meet Rick (MATT DALLAS), a fellow student with an easy smile and a kind heart. When Angie’s car won’t start the night she’s supposed to begin her babysitting gig, Rick jumps at the opportunity to drive her to the remote farmhouse. With young Sam quietly asleep upstairs, Angie quickly realizes just how creepy the old farmhouse is at night…and just how isolated they are. And that’s when the phone calls begin…

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Songs needed

  • Thoughtful, almost spiritual ballad similar to Sarah McLaughlin’s “Perfect Girl" - Tori Amos and Jewel are prototypical although the artist does not necessarily need to be a female. Coldplay, Dave Matthews and John Meyer are also in the same vain . The song should also give us some insight into Angie’s character. She is innocent and sheltered but highly intelligent and certainly has a strong spirit. The song will play as she travels to college and the film flashes back to show Angie’s mom praying for her. There is a great sense of freedom for Angie.

  • Pop ballad, something romantic and light - A hopeful song that indicates to the audience that Angie and Rick may have a chance together.

  • Hard driving song that makes the audience feel that even though they just got off this scary, roller coaster ride of a film there may be more to come - meaning, Watch out for the sequel! Something in the Rage Against the Machine vein or System of the Down. A kick-ass song telling us, “you aint seen nothing yet".

    Please note: Artist must own copyright, publishing and master for the song being submitted to qualify!!