Battling Bring Your Music - Leave Your Gear at Home

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This gig is not currently accepting applications. We think you might like these similar gigs.


Participate in battle on a global level!

Have your music streamed on our site in front of a global audience while visitors and fans vote for their favorite. To maximize your exposure all battles MUST have four participants in their genre. You will have the fan base of four different artists (who all enjoy YOUR style of music) coming to hear your music. Here is what we do to get your music heard:

First you need to submit your music through Sonicbids to be considered for the battle. You can then call a toll free number provided upon selection and "ID" your song (this is __ from the band __ and this is my song ___ check us out at This will be mixed into your song.

Your song will be played on our Internet radio station (which tracks the number of plays) and your CD cover will be rotated on our site (where we track the number of clicks). Your battle will be then be announced in the newsletter and from our site where we create a podcast for each genre featuring the bio and song of each artist. Each "battle" lasts 12 days. The champion (based on total votes) continues to take on more challengers for free (until they lose).

Champions who win two "back to back" battles are crowned "Spotlight Artists" and are interviewed (US artists by phone, international by Skype) and featured in the Musician's Cooler newsletter and podcast.

Artists will be placed "on deck" (as well as on the Internet radio station, CD store, and bands listing) while other challengers sign up (typically you will be "On Deck" within 48 hours of submitting the registration form and approval).

Participants will also receive a report showing the number of plays, and the number visitors who clicked through to their CD page. After the promotion is over your CD and band will continue to be listed on the site and spotlight artists will also have their interview archived on site.