Exclusive Access Magazine Presents: Boardroom Meeting Volume 1

Posted by:  Exclusive Access Magazine


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Boardroom Meeting is a call for all Hip Hop artists and labels to submit their music that is worthy of discussion and negotiation at sponsorship, endorsement, major label, and publication boardrooms. This compilation album will be powered by Hip Hop Journalist Rahiem Shabazz of Rasha Entertainment (Vibe, Source, Ozone, XXL, Urban Enterprize, Grip Magazine, Industry Status, Next Level Magazine, Break Magazine and more).

All submitted material will be reviewed by esteemed journalists, record label owners, accomplished producers and engineers, marketing directors and publicists. To maintain fairness in the review process, the names of professionals on the review board will not be revealed until the finalists are selected.

Boardroom Meeting has digital and physical benefits:

  • 10,000 copies will be printed and each artist will get 10 copies of Board Room Meeting.

  • Each artist on Boardroom Meeting will receive an individual MP3 blast to worldwide DJs. This particular type of blast is generally worth $250 and more, and it reaches 5,000 DJs.

  • The event list which the CD will be distributed at fluctuates with the music industry quarters and will be updated on the Exclusive Access Magazine website. Each time Board Room Meeting is distributed, each artist will receive an e-mail notification of the event. As new events are added, each artist will be notified via personal e-mail or newsletter.

  • Each selected artist will have their Myspace page listed on the back of the compilation cover. The artist will also enjoy a rotating listed profile including their picture, submitted song, and contact information on the Exclusive Access Magazine website.

    Exclusive Access Magazine is an artist to artist magazine. That covers Music, Film, Fashion, and Photography. This magazine covers industry insider information, tips, news and directories. The music listed on ExclusiveAccessMagazine.com will be rated by music and artistic industry peers that visit the website.

    This Compilation CD will be pressed quarterly. Each artist will receive a Finalist Profile on Exclusive Access Magazine.com. The first issue is set to be released on April 8, 2008.

    Please note: If selected, there is an additional participation fee of $500 per track. Unsigned and independent artists will pay a discounted fee of $250 per track. Two of the best Sonicbids artists will be exempt from fees. Their status as "The Best of Sonicbids" will be noted and publicized.