Open for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on New Years Eve

Posted by:  Mi145


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New online music channel is offering an up and coming band a great opportunity– to be the opening band for the recently reunited Mighty Mighty Bosstones at their sold out concert on New Year’s Eve. One band will be selected by Mi145 and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to perform at the Bosstone’s sold out New Year’s Eve bash at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, R.I.

The concert will also be broadcast worldwide this February exclusively on This is a Supersonic only opportunity, as emerging alternative, ska, punk, rock and hardcore bands must submit music videos, online video demos or live performance footage for consideration. So if you own a Minor Threat record, still mourn the loss of CBGB’s, and can pick Desmond Dekker out of a line up, this contest is definitely for you.

Other contest details include:

  • All material submitted must be original, no covers will be accepted.
  • One winning band will receive $2,000 and complimentary hotel accommodations for the evening.
  • In addition to opening for the Bosstones and performing in front of a sold out New Year’s Eve crowd, the winning band will also be featured on the world wide broadcast of the concert on
  • Five semi-finalists will be selected to be broadcast on in an exclusive “Mi145/Sonicbids feature"
  • The winner will be announced on Friday, December 21st, 2007.

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Formed in 1985, the Bosstones are credited with the creation of the ska-core genre, a form of music that mixes elements of third wave ska and hardcore punk. The band released seven full-length albums, three EPs and a live album while touring continuously before their announcement of a hiatus in December 2003. They are reuniting for this special occasion in 2007.

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