Breaking the Band 2 - 2008

Posted by:  We Are Listening


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We Are Listening have rounded up all of our resources for the definitive opportunity and all-encompassing artist development experience for independent artists – Breaking the Band!

Imagine every song contest, music licensing, press, booking, touring and festival showcasing opportunity rolled into one. Now, imagine playing a prime-time slot at a major US music festival, licensing your songs to at least 3 major television networks, enjoying extensive radio play, working 100 media outlets and receiving months of booking and tour support.

It's the ultimate in artist and band promotion and possibly the big break you've been waiting for.

Selected artists will receive a minimum of 3 of the 5 items below, depending on their circumstances and desires ($15,000 value!):

  • Television and Film Placement ($3000 value)

    • Representation for three months by an established music publisher with a goal of obtaining licenses for either film or television.

    • The publisher guarantees a minimum of three individual (network sized) opportunities.

    • In terms of placement, affiliation with a US performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) is highly recommended. The publisher has agreed to provide consulting.

    • The copyright holder’s signature will be required on both a master and sync document prior to execution.

  • College and Community Radio ($3000 value)

    • Three hundred and fifty (on average) radio station-mailing campaign (approx. 8 weeks) serviced by Tinderbox Music.

    • A radio "Add Date" will be selected. Thereafter, the product, with a radio "one-sheet", shall be serviced to all the participating stations.

    • All submissions are fully supported throughout the eight-week campaign with weekly tracking calls and reports to the artist.

    • Only reporting stations shall be serviced (charts reporting to CMJ or RIYL). There are thousands of tiny stations - we only service the ones that matter!

    • An industry standard "one-sheet" will be provided as well as all mailing materials for the artist.

  • Press Outlets ($3000 value)

    • One hundred media outlets will be serviced with an emphasis on established print and review oriented websites and blogs.

    • A nationally recognized publicist will service each piece for three months.

    • The publicist shall work to enhance the artist’s bio and presentation.

    • The publicist will provide reporting to the artist in intervals that are standard to the industry.

    • The publicist provides postage and mailing materials.

  • Booking and Tour Support ($3000)

    • A Nationally recognized NACA Booking Agency shall be engaged on the artist’s behalf.

    • One hundred college planning committees/activity boards shall be selected and serviced with CD’s and integrated web based "tear-sheet".

    • Service involves calls and emails by the agent to secure interest in obtaining live performance opportunities on US college campuses. Service usually lasts about 60 days and may involve "booth" appearances at NACA Regionals depending on the time of year.

    • Limited tour support (press for a particular date) may be available to the artist.

  • Showcase Opportunity ($3000 value)

    • The artist will receive a 45-minute showcase appearance at a major US music festival or conference.

    • The showcase appearance and venue will be determined by the selected artist's genre, location and schedule.

    • All backline, PA, accommodations shall be provided by us!!

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