Burnsong Gathering 2007

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Write a song and you could have it heard by the whole of Scotland…

The Burnsong project is pleased to announce the launch of the Burnsong Gathering 2007, a call to the people of Scotland to ‘discover the song inside’.

Selected songwriters will be chosen by a panel of expert judges to participate in a unique week-long songwriting residential course run by leading songwriters to develop their winning song to performance level as well as have their song showcased at the Big Gig on St Andrew’s night and produced as part of the Burnsong 2007 CD. There is also the potential the artist’s songs may be broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

One of the finalists will also be invited to take part in the Burnsong Song House 2008, a five-day creative residential songwriting retreat with some of the UK’s best songwriters. Previous participants of the Burnsong Song House have included Karine Polwart, King Creosote, Emma Pollock, MC Soom T and Chris Difford.

Taking part

Submissions are invited from any songwriter or co-songwriters in Scotland, of any age, from any location, and any background. Each songwriter submits 3 songs.


Your song can be in any style, genre and language or dialect but must have been written and/or composed after June 2005.

Songs can either be wholly original or adapted – eg. new words to an existing tune or new tune to existing words (subject to copyright). Songs can be about anything and everything songs that are inspired by the same themes that inspired Robert Burns such as: humanity, equality, the environment, comedy, identity, politics, heritage, love and friendship are particularly encouraged.


  • Jeff Zycinski - Head of BBC Radio Scotland

  • Stewart Cruickshank – Chair

  • Ian Ritchie – Director City of London Festival

  • Margaret Bennett – Singer, writer and academic

  • Ronnie Gurr – Music Industry Professional

  • Mary Ann Kennedy – Musician and Broadcaster

  • Karine Polwart – Songwriter

Please note: There is a discounted submission for songwriters under the age of 17 and over the age of 60. Your age will be verified and if you do not meet the age requirements for the discounted submission, you will not be considered.