Caffe Lena

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Caffè Lena is the oldest continuously operating coffeehouse in the United States. Opened in 1960, the café has helped to launch many of America's best-loved songwriters, including Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Ani DiFranco and many more. Today it is a non-profit institution where world-class performers are only feet away from the audience.

Caffè Lena seats eighty in a relaxed, intimate, alcohol and smoke-free room that is open only for concerts. During the show they maintain a no-talking, attentive atmosphere in which the performer receives the audience's undivided attention. It's this rare combination of informality and deep respect for the music that makes Caffè Lena unique.

Caffè Lena is looking for artists who are already touring professionals. They do not book artists on their first tour of the region. If you haven't already built a base in the region, please don't apply.

Caffè Lena looks for artists who like playing small rooms and are primarily acoustic. It's preferred that the artist is familiar with American roots music, and that those old songs inspired the current work in some way. Old-timey, bluegrass, and folk-rock or jazz hybrids are especially sought at this time.

Caffè Lena especially likes:

  • A powerful emotional impact.
  • Brilliant playing and wild quirkiness.
  • Artists who are skilled at between-song patter; who tell the kinds of stories and jokes that listeners want to take home and share.

PLEASE NOTE: Caffe Lena is not currently booking opening acts. Please don't inquire about coming as an opener. Caffe Lena will update this notice when and if that changes.