Rock Concerts at Summer Camps Tour 2011

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Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to submit to the Camplified Summer Camp Tour. Selected artists will perform in front of a highly energetic market of 30,000+ influential teens and tweens at 45+ summer camps across America.

1-6 Sonicbids members are guaranteed to perform (there are 6 performance dates reserved for Sonicbids artists).

Selected Sonicbids Artists will Receive:

  • A $100 stipend per tour date
  • 1-2 meals will be provided at all camp dates

  • PR on the Camplified website with a link to band website

  • A write up on the Camplified blog site
/n/nCamplified Summer Camp Tour 2011, a Primary Wave/Hear Here Production, emerges for its 10th Anniversary with performances in front of a energetic market of 30,000+ influential teens and tweens at 45+ summer camps across America.

One to six Sonicbids members are guaranteed to perform (there are six performance dates reserved for Sonicbids artists).

Selected Sonicbids Artists/Bands Will Receive:

  • A $100 stipend for gas and expenses per tour date. One to two meals will be provided at all camp dates.

  • A section on the Camplified website with a link to band website.

  • A write up on the Camplified blog site including a Q&A with the band.

Why Play On The Camplified Tour?

This is a great opportunity for artists to showcase in front of America's youth, an international college age staff, the most fanatic tastemakers and spenders. Artists will have the chance to capture the hearts of teens and tweens – one of the more challenging demographics to reach – at the most musically energizing time of their lives. Not to mention the fact that these taste makers are also their best communicators. They'll want to spread the word to their friends that they were part of the artist discovery process this summer at their camp.

Camplified brings concert tours into prominent summer camps, featuring nationally touring acts from major and recognizable indie record labels.

Camp audiences range from 250-500 per tour stop. Sponsors of the tour will work with Camplified to integrate artists into their music based programs. Past sponsors have been Gibson Guitars, HP Computers,, Nestle's Juicy Juice, Scholastic, YuGiOh Trading Cards, Cartoon Network, Little Brown Books, Penguin Book Publishing, and MTV's Rockband.

Locations/Dates Include:

Camps located in Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and California.

Exact dates and camp names/locations will be shared with prospective artist candidates. All gigs for both day camps and overnight camps will take place in July and August 2011. At most of the dates, you will also be able to sell your merchandise, market your media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc) and start future interaction with your new fan base while Camplified takes care of the promotion! Your responsibility is to show up, rock out and entertain! Additional promotional opportunities will take place after the summer that will allow the selected artists to continue marketing efforts through Camplified's targeted sponsorship program both online and through guerrilla campaigns at several key locations trafficked by teens and tweens.

Important Facts:

  • There are at least 6 dates for bands to play at.

  • All genres are being considered. Tour will consist of up to 3 performances by artists, during either afternoon or early evening hours at camp.

  • Backline will be provided as well as full sound and production crew.

  • Journalists will be on-site reporting back to several media outlets about the day to day experiences on tour with respect to all artists and all activities.

  • Please keep in mind that if you are selected you will be performing for tweens and/or teens and we therefore require that you have absolutely no explicit lyrics and that your music is appropriate for this age. Your attire can and should be trendy but your t-shirts, hats, pants can not explicitly suggest a negative message to this audience.

  • Artists are required to participate in autograph signings and other “meet and greet” events at each tour stop. Since the tour stops typically last up to a full day, artists are expected to participate in some of the activities with campers provided by the sponsors. Getting along with kids of all ages is a big plus as it generates future communication with your band and the kids.

  • International artists are encouraged to apply with application assistance provided.

  • The camps want Camplified because they provide safe, fun, "star power" entertainment for their kids in an innovative manner. Sponsors want Camplified because the on-site experience helps top brands connect with teens/tweens in a way that goes above and beyond traditional methods. The labels want Camplified because its helps them break new acts with a lot of buzz by providing a one of a kind marketing vehicle. And now Camplified is opening up that opportunity to the indie world.

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