Campus Music Invasion - College Marketing Program (Fall 2009)

Posted by:  Platform One Entertainment

  Booking 1 Sonicbids band

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Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to submit to Platform One. They choose 10-12 up-and-coming artists each semester and increase their college fan base and visibility on campuses around the country. Platform One will select one Sonicbids artist for inclusion in the program (a $5,000 value)./n/nEach college semester, Platform One works with 10-12 up-and-coming artists to increase their college fan base, presence and visibility on campuses around the country . Typically, slots on Platform One's Campus Music Invasion cost $5,000, but Platform One will select one Sonicbids artist for inclusion at no cost.

With the help of 100 dedicated Platform One Campus Reps around the country, Platform One uses viral and grassroots marketing initiatives targeting both college campuses and the surrounding community to promote its "Campus Music Invasion Sampler" - a compilation features 2 tracks from each of the artists in Platform One's college marketing program.

Campus Reps are armed with 30,000 digital download cards and 10,000 CDs, as well as both traditional and digital marketing tools, to distribute to the most influential and socially connected students and retailers around campus. By utilizing campus radio, press, programming boards, sports, entertainment, philanthropic and social events on campus, the Campus Music Invasion campaign reaches hundreds of thousands of college students every semester.

Our army of socially connected Campus Reps delivers marketing materials to all the most influential student organizations including:

  • Fraternities & sororities
  • Varsity, club & IM Sports
  • Student government
  • Student TV & radio
  • Campus programming boards
  • Student activity boards
  • Theater & performance Groups
  • Faith-based student groups
  • Cultural & ethnic student groups
  • Charity & service group

    Additionally, our campus reps meet with university bookstores, popular campus bars, clubs, music venues, record stores, bookstores and lifestyle stores to sample and showcase our artists to student customers.

    Past artists include: The Features, The Jakes, Plushgun, Pinstripe 45's, Televandals, The Rising Sound, Early States, The Gin Riots, Backseat Goodbye, Kate Myers, Company of Thieves, The Good Luck Joes, Pensive, Echo Screen and many, many more. You can view past semester's Campus Music Invasion here

    Sonicbids artists not selected by Platform One may contact them regarding inclusion in the program, and if selected, will receive a discounted fee exclusive only to Sonicbids artists to join the campaign.